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Thread: A Guy Thing (2003) - 1/17

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    A Guy Thing (2003) - 1/17

    A Guy Thing (2003)
    SynopsisThe morning after his wild bachelor party, Paul wakes up and and finds a beautiful, strange woman, named Becky, sleeping soundly in his bed. He soon discovers that Becky is his fiancee's cousin. Since Paul can't remember much about the night before, he naturally assumes the worst--that he's cheated on his adoring fiancee, Karen. And so, the guilt-ridden Paul spends the week before his wedding, scrambling to cover up his supposed infidelity.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Romantic Comedy , Rating: MPAA PG-13, Runtime: Not available
    Distributor(s): MGM Distribution Company
    Theatrical Release: 01/17/2003
    Video Release: Not available

    Cast & Role
    Jason Lee -- Paul
    Julia Stiles -- Becky
    Selma Blair-- Karen
    Lochlyn Munro
    Thomas Lennon
    James Brolin
    Diana Scarwid
    Shawn Hatosy

    Chris Koch

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    I like this entire cast, and Julia looks like she's having a load of fun in the previews.

    I might catch this one on DVD. Pending reviews from people here who see it, of course

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    Hey, Kylie didn't tell us she was doing a movie.

    The previews look funny, and I agree, John. Julia and the rest of the cast seem to be having a lot of fun with their characters. I usually don't see this type of movies in the theatre. I'd rather wait for the video, but that's what I said about "Maid in Manhattan" and I ended up going to watch it in the theatre. (mind you, I was dragged.)

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I really like Julia Stiles and agree that thismovie does look like it could be a lot of fun.

    I'll probably go and see it.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Hey, Kylie didn't tell us she was doing a movie.
    Yeah, I was trying to keep it a secret for as long as possible. Didn't want you guys to think stardom was going to my head.

    Anyway, this looks like it will be a pretty funny movie, and as an avid Julia fan, I'll most likely see it in the theater.

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    OMG! saw this movie tonight: unbelievable! my husband and i laughed our asses off. i honestly don't think that any movie has ever had me laughing that hard that often. i am usually a hard sell when it comes to comedies: it takes a lot to actually make me laugh. you definitely need to see it in the theatre!!
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    I think I might go see this one sometime in the next week or so. I am a huge Jason Lee fan and Julia Stiles ain't to bad either
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