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Thread: Rewind and replay.

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    I can watch these movies 10 times in a row and still love them.

    Monsters, Inc.
    Not another teen movie
    American Pie series
    Y tu Mama Tambien
    A Knight's tale
    What's eating Gilbert Grape?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phat32
    The Godfather Parts I, II and, yes, even III.

    It's on TV all the time, and if I find it on TV, I'll watch it even though I have the DVD collection.

    The only thing I have to be careful about is being in that "Godfather mode" mindset for a few hours after watching one of the movies:

    [Girlfriend comes home from the grocery store.]

    Her: Hey, babe. Got everything, but they were out of string beans.

    Me: ("New York Italian" accent) What?! What?!? They were out of [bleeping] string beans?! We give our hard-earned money to that [bleeping] store every [bleeping] week, and this is the respect they show us!? To run out of string beans when we [bleeping] need them! I'm going down there...!!

    Her: Have you been watching The Godfather again?

    Me: [...] Yes.

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    1. The Godfather 1 & 2 ---- you can keep God Father 3
    2. 28 Days Later
    3. Mad Max Road Warrior

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    Cali, then there will be two of us!
    I don't get tired of watching The Mummy and X-Men, as well as, Armaggedon, Gladiator, Terminator, Aliens, Ever After, and The Green Mile, to name just a few.

    Feifer and Welcome!
    Yes Wolf! (hi btw ) I can(and have) watched Aliens over and over again. Sigourney Weaver kicks major ass in the movie and I love Vasquez,the tough latina!

    Oh, I and know this officially makes me a freak,but I can always watch Titanic over and over again,but for some reason, I only get interested when the ship starts to sink,and then I will watch it all the way through until the boat is gone and Rose is floating on the piece of wood,then I get bored and turn it.

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