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Thread: Session 9

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    Session 9

    Has anyone else seen this movie or am I the only unfortunate viewer. I will give a summary.

    Some asbestos removers get a job to work at a closed mental facility, (Danvers Mental Hospital, a real place). The workers agree to get the job done in 7 days and begin removing asbestos. Well needless to say a spirit still lingers within the walls of the hospital and slowly drives one of the workers crazy. Then begins a 2 hour confusion-fest. David Caruso plays a role in the film and this just proves his career is dead.

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    I've seen this film, and I consider this definitely a little gem of a horror film. Very creepy and slow, and basically makes you think. Loved it the first time i saw it, and great cast. I'll never forget the nephew guy running through the basement corridor while the lights behind him start turning out - one - by - one.

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    I don't know too many people who liked this film, although I did. It was a little slow, but I think the plot was pretty clear, and the ending wasn't lame. The voice that Gordon kept hearing was pretty creepy......

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