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Thread: Shaun of the Dead - 9/24

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    Shaun of the Dead - 9/24

    Release Date: 9/24/2004 Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi Rated: R Runtime: 1 hr 37 mins
    From Hollywood.com

    On Friday, Shaun is in a rut. At 29, he's coasted through life--and still hasn't gotten very far, usually winding up at the local pub, the Winchester. His roommate Ed looks up to him--when he can take his eyes off the TV, that is. Liz is re-evaluating their relationship, particularly after Shaun fails to do something special for their anniversary on Saturday. That day, there are train delays, people fainting in the streets, TV news reporters on unexplained calamities. No, it can't be--but it is--the dead have risen. Saturday's isolated incidents mushroom into a full-on zombie assault and, once daylight breaks, it's Sunday bloody Sunday. As manners and flesh take a beating, it's time to seperate men from meat, humans from zombies, and living from undead. Shaun and Ed grab whatever is at hand to repel the attacking zombies, summoning reserves of strength they didn't know they possessed and straining muscles they forgot they had. Rounding up friends and family, they press on towards the sanctuary of the Winchester. All that stands in their way are hordes of the flesh-eating undead.
    Cast: Simon Pegg , Kate Ashfield , Nick Frost , Dylan Moran , Lucy Davis , Penelope Wilton

    Director: Edgar Wright

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    This looks hilarious, and my son really wants to see it. I hear it's breaking records in England; it's very popular. I plan to see it eventually.

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    I plan on seeing this really soon, I have the R2 DVD.

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    The previous are really really funny, but I think I'll still wait for the rental.

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    I'm totally looking forward to seeing this. I watched an IFC special on it, and it looks hilarious.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    It is great. You guys got to watch it. Funny and a lot of zombie gore goodness.

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    Got around to watching this. It's funny, not too scary, and has a couple of gory scenes. But it does raise some interesting ideas about if zombies really existed, would people really notice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    I'm totally looking forward to seeing this. I watched an IFC special on it, and it looks hilarious.
    When was the IFC special on? Are they showing it again? I love IFC! This movie looks great!

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    I loved this movie... I just love british humor. There were some gory scenes.. but a worthy movie to watch.
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    Great movie with a Bertrand Russell quote to boot! Loved it!

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