Release Date: 9/24/2004 Documentary, Drama Rated: R Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins

Less than a year after the attacks on the World Trade Center, journalist Don Larson and two others go to Kabul to find the truth not being reported by the media. The trio meets members of the Northern Alliance as well as rebels, but Larson is arrested for taking pictures of police. In jail, he learns of Babak, a bounty hunter on the trail of Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. The journey takes a drastic turn when the men follow Babak into the middle of a fierce gun battle and barely survive a barrage of bullets, missiles, and errant U.S. bombs. When Babak deserts them, the men are left to face their own demons. The film is a hybrid of fact and fiction that intentionally blurs the lines between what is real and what has been staged. Before embarking on their journey, the filmmakers had an agenda and outline of what they hoped to film to Afghanistan--the search for Bin Laden, the difficulty of shooting in a war zone, the enormous cultural gulf between our country and theirs, and what it is like to be a stranger in a very strange land. However, once they arrived in Kabul, the interviews they garnered, the access they were given--or stumbled upon--and the footage they were ultimately able to shoot was dictated by hazard and chance. Most of the locals, including the Taliban, had no idea this was anything other than an unscripted documentary being made by a group of crazy Americans, and the results are as raw and uncensored as can be. Bullets seen whizzing by the camera are genuine, live ammunition. Missiles flying through the air, and rubble on the ground, are not props or set dressing; they are all real, and in this part of the world, they are a part of everyday life.
Cast: George Calil , Wali Razagi

Director: Christian Johnston , Christian Johnston