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Thread: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - 9/17

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    I enjoyed it. My husband went against his will and did not. I thought Jude and Angelina were good, Gwyneth was a bit wooden. There were things that I'm surprised more experienced editors and film makers didnt remove. For example, there was no need to beat us over the head with the number of shots left in her camera. we get it!

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    I really love this movie. The story was incrediable. I loved the tension that gwyneth and judes characters had with eachother and bringing another woman(Frankie) into the picture it was hilarious. The whole set up of the movie was also very amusing. The way they did the camera jsut captured the feel so well. I recomend this movie to everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    I thought it was visually stunning and the sound was excellent. You would have to be a fan of older films to enjoy it though. Phobe's little brother was great in the movie. Gwyneth and Angelina were good , especially Angelina. Jude was pretty forgetable unfortunately.

    I can see why younger people used to movies made for short attention spans wouldn't like it. However I did watch it with some teenagers who did. It was their second time seeing it they liked it so much.
    The visuals were astounding.. but the story itself was very boring to me. There were some funny parts but after leaving the movie I had the feeling that I just wasted two hours of my life that I'll never get back. Jude Law and Angelina Jolie are great actors but I just felt that their talent was watered down due to the whole plot. And your comment about younger people with short attention spans. I agree to a point. But as an "old" person that I am now I have a great attention span and was still bored incredibly with this movie.
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    I didn't mean kids have short attention spans, I meant film makers these days do. I watched it with two kids . I felt the actors were wasted too , but you watch an old 40's movie , and not much really went on from scene to scene. I wonder how some of the greats from that era would do in todays movies. I don't quite think it's in the two hours I'll never get back category, but even with the awesome visuals and sound , It could have been better.

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