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Thread: The Village Spoilers

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    Quote Originally Posted by erin_dye
    Murder By Numbers! That's where I've seen him before!
    My friend and me were talking about it and we concluded that too.
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    I think they were involved in a scientific expirement to see if living a simpler life would help them get over grief. If you remember, after the elder's voices came up telling their sad story, someone said,"I'm Doctor so and so and I have an offer to make to you...".

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    i knew that there was something fishy when they started talking about the box with the secrets and when they talked about money turning hearts black because people say that nowadays. The part when Lucius was stabbed i screamed out loud NO. . there were so many parts when i found myself shaking, It was so much fun

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    oceans of time
    i can't wait until it comes out on video. i'm definately going to purchase it.

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    Overall, I thought this was a great story. I have some nitpicks:

    Each elder having a secret box or door under the stairs strained credibility to me. Think of all the years that no kid was curious enough to fiddle with the lock when the parents weren't home.

    There were only about a dozen elders. Where did all the rest of the people come from? There were lots of young adults as well as kids. For example, they talk to a young woman named Beatrice, but you don't know who her parents are. It seemed like there were too many people there for the original dozen or so elders to have been their parents.

    I don't buy that a father would choose not to seek medical assistance if his son was deathly ill just to preserve a philisophical ideal. I know there are religious groups that feel western medicine is evil, but this was someone who had taken an oath for non-religious reasons. It doesn't make sense to mourn someone lost to violence, then to passively accept your own son dying from sickness when you know you can take action to save him. Also, I find it hard to believe that a father would send his blind daughter out the way William Hurt's character did. Ivy was an amazing character and the forest scenes are the best in the movie, but I just have hard time believing the father would do that.
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