I never heard they made this a movie.

For a long time I considered it one of the funniest books I'd ever read due to the dialogue, though there was a serious bent to the storyline as well. I recall laughing like a maniac on the bus while recalling what I'd read to the point where some of those around me found better places to sit.

With Steve Guttenberg as "the star", its hardly surprising that they cranked out a stinker of a movie, judging from the reactions to the earlier comments. Did anyone actually SEE it though? I suppose if it were anything worth watching I'd probably have heard about it at some point. I take it it was a direct to video release.

Great book, however. Written by James Kirkwood, same guy who put out "A Chorus Line", as I recall, one of the more memorable plays I ever made the trip to the city to see.