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Thread: The Bourne Supremacy - 07/23

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    I thought the car chase and fight scenes were really hard to follow. Maybe the camera man was a recovering addict at the end of his hash-less first week. The movie was OK overall for me, but some parts of it were pretty predictable. Julia Stiles's character didn't seem too authentic to me, but that was more the fault of the writers than the actress.

    I really like the twists in spy films, but this movie didn't seem to have too many of those. Kudos to the writers for not trying to make chemistry where none existed, since this happens a lot in other films...

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    No, it was the fault of the actress. I've not seen Julia Stiles in other movies, but she's been flat-out horrible in both Bourne movies, in my opinion. She's very wooden and unconvincing.
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