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Thread: The Blair Witch Project

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    I am one of those who loved this movie,too. If a movie is really gory,it doesn't scare me as much(as long as nothing pointy goes into anyone's eyeball)because I can see it happening and my imagination is probably musch worse than any special effect that they have right now!

    Movies like this one (ie Rosemary's Baby) always leave me with a chill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcorkles
    If a movie is really gory,it doesn't scare me as much(as long as nothing pointy goes into anyone's eyeball)...
    Um, so you're telling me I shouldn't ask you on a date to see Takashi Miike's Audition.

    (I'm just gonna say acupuncture needles...that's all...and leave it at that. )
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaius
    Was the last shot disappointing in that you didn't totally understand it or did you understand it but still thought it was bad?

    The last shot scared the crap out of me because I remembered the stories of the insane man, Rustin Parr, killing his child victims in pairs, with one of the victims staring at a corner, waiting for his turn while the other was being killed. In fact, that story really stayed with me throughout the movie, and to have it come back at the very end with the main characters gave it some extra punch. I could only imagine what was happening to Josh out of the camera's views and that terrified me even more.
    same here. although when i played it slowly, i noticed he was kinda laughing or had some sort of smirk on his face. and yes it was better that we didn't really get to see the killer. although now it would be better if they did in the DVD version.
    oh yes i loved the movie so much i got one of the books "Blair witch files"
    and there was a contest where you could go on the set of Blair Witch 3. Well they taped it and it never got released. sucks huh :phhht

    Well anyways. I thought i was so real until a radio host talks about how he watched it so many times and at the end it does reveal a fictional movie.
    although i did think it was fake as i had never heard of this Blair witch in any ghost stories.
    But are there any real myths as about this witch?
    Blair witch 2:
    Sorry when i get into something i get really into it.
    #2 was pretty good. I liked the girl with the long hair that is so into witchcraft. But the Reverse or Esrever was really freaky. But i was rather disturbed as to how they claimed it was not intentionally put in there but rather "accidentally"
    Point #2. I had already figured out that they all took part and was possessed as well as many other people i knew. Which kind of made the movie crappy.
    next They could have at least released Blair Witch 3 on DVD since they filmed it. When i thought of this movie i thought about being in the forest and stuff.
    I cannot believe this was basically the only "cam-corder" style movie. I thought they would take this chance and produce a whole bunch of different movies with this style. I mean they try and make every reality show (as to why we are here in FORT) cause they think Reality shows is only an Era or a trend and will only be around so far. But they will soon find out it is more than that.
    Well i hope to chat more about this later as i must fall asleep behind this chair

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