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Thread: No More Short Movies!

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    Since I never go out to the movies, short movies don't bother me. I like owning movies of various lengths so I can squeeze a movie in before bedtime no matter how late it is.

    I had to laugh when the movie "Following" ended though. There were all these great twists and turns about 55 minutes into it and I thought "oh my god, what's going to happen next?" **Zhora sitting on the edge of her seat** Ummmmmm, nothing? It ended at the 1 hour mark.

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    OOOH, bummer Paulie. I am with the rest of you, They have been getting shorter and shorter. Reading your comments had shed a little light on why as I was wondering.

    As for the price of concessions, it is outrageous! The only thing I buy is one large popcorn. They refill them here so I just take paper bags (not grocery sized ones!!!!) and split it. We smuggle in the rest!
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    The theatres get less than a dollar for each ticket they sell, so they really do make up a lof of money on the concessions.
    I don't mind paying $3 for a pizza slice but $4 for a large drink is outrageous, you could get two 2 litre bottles of fizzy for less than that.
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