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Thread: Spiderman 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    See, I enjoyed that a lot. I really liked James Franco's acting in that movie and I have to admit that for some reason, I can't stand Tobey McGuire.
    I think Tobey Maguire is just too too wimpy for me, but I loved the movie and loved James Franco! It's fantastic that he's going to play even more of a role in Spidey 3. Doc Ock was terrific.

    I was thoroughly annoyed that Spidey took his mask off every chance he got. Fine in the alley scenes, but why exactly would he have taken his mask off in the train scene?

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    I'm surprised people are complaining that the end made obvious the intentions for Spider-man 3. I thought everyone already knew that was the plan. Personally, I can't wait to see the way it plays out.
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    i didnt really like this movie, as far as superhero sequels go i liked xmen 2 better. the thing i didnt get with this movie was it was a superhero movie that was taking itself too seriously, whereas xmen 2 was good because it was just a fun movie, nothing too serious.
    i did like dr. ock better than the green goblin from the first movie, but that wasnt enough for me, spiderman the character was just kind of boring. i agree with the movie having cheesy parts to it as well *SPOILERS WARNING* especially the whole lifting him through the subway, and the web he was crawling on to mary jane were some parts where i found myself laughing, along with others in the theater as well

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    i tell you what i thought was cheesy, the trailers for this movie!

    they were so bad, i actually considered waiting until video to see it, because there
    were a lot of other movies i wanted to see....but i had heard how great this movie was, so i just decided to go see it the next day lol

    and i loved it, so much better than the first one, doc ock is ten times better than the green goblin.....but i have to admit, i thought by the previews he looked stupid....i don't read the comics so i don't know any of the villians


    i liked james franco's acting too....the scene where he slaps peter was a good scene i thought

    i liked tobey as peter, he's perfect for the role of peter i think....but yeah, tobey's not a real manly man haha, but i think he's a cutie

    i won't be too thrilled with the green goblin storyline again, but just because harry found it doesn't mean he will become the green goblin

    and whoever mentioned the guy doing that leap, you are right, i was kinda taken a back when he did that

    the fight scenes were fantastic..gotta get the dvd

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjDeluxay
    i loved the movie. it was wonderful. but the part about what wolf was saying was stupid. i mean come on. there has to be someone who would sell his name of face even though he saved their lives for a bunch of money.
    Yeah, it was lame, especially the part where eveyone is carrying him towards the back of the traincar. In the real world, anyone of those people would sell him out for $10 bucks, but we're talking about the cheesy world of comic books movies. There were a few more cheesy scenes, but for the most part, I thought the movie was great as a whole. It started slow, but it was necessary for the character's development, imo. The battle between Spidey and Doc Ock was superb.

    I don't even think Tobey is cute at all, but I agree with whowever said that Tobey is the perfect fit for Peter Parker. He is as dorky in real life, as he is in the movie, but that's what the part calls for. (a dorky kid just trying to do the right thing).

    ***spoiler ***

    Didn't really care too much that Harry and MJ know that Peter is Spidey, but I guess that's a crucial part for Spiderman 3.

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    I liked the movie but I thought the first was better

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    I don't think this movie was AS GOOD as it did like how other people described it IMO At least for me it wasn't something dying to wait for to watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by phat32
    Where do we go from here? Spoiler warning.

    I think Harry's poised to take the role of the Green Goblin, or Raimi might go a different way and create the Spider Slayer or Hobgoblin from the Harry character. (It's been done--remember when Lucas recycled the Death Star idea from Episode 4 into Episode 6?)

    Don't rule out professor Dr. Connors (The Lizard) or little-known astronaut John Jameson (Werewolf-by-Night). Did you happen to catch that flying leap Jameson's boy made from the dock to the platform when he saw Mary Jane? Or the look on his face when MJ left him at the altar? That boy has another side to him. I also caught the passing reference to "Dr. Strange."

    Villains I'd like to see: Kraven, Chameleon and the Vulture. But, please god, don't let this film descend into Batman's cycle of superstar guest roles as assistants or villains.
    I don't think they'll take Harry down the path of making him into the Hobgoblin; it was conclusively proved in the books that the Hobgoblin was another person (and was killed - Spider-Man v. Wolverine miniseries circa 1990 or so). I think that they will search for another compelling villain - Kraven's an interesting choice. I'd actually like to see Venom/the alien black uniform, but that might be too over the top for the level of reality that is brought to the film.

    I love the fact that the movie is so well-acted. The emotions are so palpable, it's completely immersive. The way Peter and Mary Jane yearn for each other is powerful and sublime. Tobey Maguire, while not the most dashing actor, is a perfect Peter Parker because he makes the contradictions going on in Peter's head so very real, with every glance and inflection in his voice. And while I don't see the big deal about Kirsten Dunst's looks, she did a fantastic job at conveying MJ's feelings. And James Franco ... he's fantastic, and ignites the screen every time he's in it. Rosemary Harris as Aunt May... she gave a great performance, and is so much more real than how I imagined that character in the books.

    I wonder if we'll see a wedding for Peter and MJ - or at least a proposal. Fans of Doc Ock would enjoy seeing the Spider-Slayer storyline (or an adaptation of it). I think that they could come up with something very real - someone we haven't seen before, getting injured in one of the fights between Spidey and the big super-villains, creating a machine to kill Spider-Man in revenge.
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    this was a pretty good movie. i was so glad she found out about him.

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    I finally saw it today.

    Some parts of this movie were so cheesy, I was laughing out loud. The way people screamed, looked at each other...stuff like that. I did enjoy the plot, acting, fight scenes, emotions more so than the first.

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