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Thread: Spiderman 2

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    Hi, Olivia!
    As a longtime Spider-Man comics fan, I liked it.

    I think the first half was a bit sluggish. The trickiest part of doing a superhero movie is making their lives outside the costume interesting. Raimi tried and came damn close, but came up short.

    The fight scenes were magnificient. This is how I always envisioned Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus battling one another. Could this have been accomplished ten years ago? Heck, no. It's only with the benefit of CGI that we don't have a battle scene that makes us laugh our socks off.

    The humor was a bit flat in parts, and while I liked the J. Jonah Jameson character, I thought he was mostly overused.

    Where do we go from here? Spoiler warning. I think Harry's poised to take the role of the Green Goblin, or Raimi might go a different way and create the Spider Slayer or Hobgoblin from the Harry character. (It's been done--remember when Lucas recycled the Death Star idea from Episode 4 into Episode 6?)

    Don't rule out professor Dr. Connors (The Lizard) or little-known astronaut John Jameson (Werewolf-by-Night). Did you happen to catch that flying leap Jameson's boy made from the dock to the platform when he saw Mary Jane? Or the look on his face when MJ left him at the altar? That boy has another side to him. I also caught the passing reference to "Dr. Strange."

    Villains I'd like to see: Kraven, Chameleon and the Vulture. But, please god, don't let this film descend into Batman's cycle of superstar guest roles as assistants or villains.
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    Loved it, much better than the first!

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    Quote Originally Posted by karna68
    Loved it, much better than the first!
    I really enjoyed the story. While there was plenty of angst in this one I'm glad it had a happy ending.

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    I saw it last night. It was, like those before have said, far better than the first. I really liked it It's so obvious how they're setting it up for a 3rd movie. spoiler--
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    Will Harry become the Green Goblin? Or will they introduce a new villlain? Will Mary Jane and Peter be able to stay together?

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    More engaging than the original on almost every level. Better romantic tension, better action, better directing, much better villian. Mary Jane expresses so much emotion in a glance or a silent pause. The CGI's improved to the point that it doesn't take me out of the movie, like it occasionally did during the first movie.

    Am I only person who feels stupid for not realizing Doctor Octopus would make a brilliant villian? When I heard they were going to use Doc Ock I kind of rolled my eyes, because I never cared for him in the comics. I should have known better. Watching Spidey duel eight flailing limbs is infinitely cooler than some dude on a glider in a stupid costume.

    I think we can all tell the direction planned for the next sequel, but I'm confident that this won't turn into a by-the-numbers franchise that simply rolls out a new baddie with every flick. Hopefully the combination of commercial and critical success will give Sam Raimi and the rest of the creative team the clout they need to keeping pushing the core characters in exciting new directions, even if this means Part 3 will make it impossible to do a Part 4.
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    Wow! This second movie definitley was better written, and the action was superb. I enjoyed it so much, that I think I'm going to see it again.
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I gasped when the people in the traincar saw Spidey without his mask, but I had a warm and fuzzy feeling when the kids said "We won't tell". Awww

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    I can't believe I am the only one who thought this movie was over the top cheezy. Wolf, the part you put in spoiler tags I just rolled my eyes at that whole scene from him being "carried" was completly dumb IMO. The action was amazing but I was so disappointed with the movie as a whole.

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    i loved the movie. it was wonderful. but the part about what wolf was saying was stupid. i mean come on. there has to be someone who would sell his name of face even though he saved their lives for a bunch of money. i loved the ending about mary Jane. but the part about Harry Osbourne finding that thing out was just stupid. it was like too obvious of what is going to be in part three. there will be a part three by the looks of this. number one put no previews or spoilers as what is going to be in part two. i mean i know there are cartoons and comics. but part two just basically set up the whole part three. that was the only thing that got me angry.
    but i love Mary Jane

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    I thought Spiderman 2 was freakin' fantastic!

    I really don't know what else I could ask for in a movie, superhero-oriented or not. Tobey makes the perfect Peter Parker which is about 100 times more important than being the perfect Spiderman. Maybe the first half was a little slow but again, its much preferable than the Batman movies where they were tossing villians and subplots at you right and left from the first minute. Nothing was ever allowed to develop. Nothing was ever allowed to simmer.

    Spiderman 2 let the anticipation grow for Spidey and Ock's first battle. The battle scenes kicked butt. It was like they lifted fight scenes right from the comic book. And Doc Ock was much more intimidating than he was in the comic, although I wasn't sure why 1 or 2 of Spidey's punches didn't knock him out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjDeluxay
    but the part about Harry Osbourne finding that thing out was just stupid.
    See, I enjoyed that a lot. I really liked James Franco's acting in that movie and I have to admit that for some reason, I can't stand Tobey McGuire.
    I somewhat liked the movie but I was rolling my eyes at some parts and I have to admit that it was too cheesy for my personal taste.
    I can't complain about the villain and the actions scenes, though.

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