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Thread: Your Top 10 Overrated/Underrated Movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by JyNx
    Agree with Markslove on My big fat greek wedding. I got bored with that movie, only laughed when she meets the guy at work, and falls beacuse of her headphone set.
    I agree as well. I laughed at that part and when one of the ladies got sprayed with the sprinkler. Most people probably don't think that's funny, but I'm easily amused.

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    I think that "Lost In Translation" was pretty over rated. I thought it was quite boring when I finally got to see it. I also thought "Titanic" was way way way over rated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp
    I agree with all those. Didn't care for any of them.
    I also wasn't into Saving Private Ryan. The first part was so graphic and I just lost interest in the rest of the movie.
    I agree with you about Saving Private Ryan. My hubby and girlfriend and I rented the movie, grilled steaks and sat down to watch it. About 3 minutes into the movie I lost my appetite, then started crying. Totally a horrible movie! I think it probably was very realistic, and I have so much respect for the men that fought over there...but it was very traumatic for me. Those first few scenes haunted my dreams for weeks.

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    I'm not sure if Titanic was overrated so much as aimed at the 13-year-old set who lined up and saw it nineteen times each so they could drool over Leonardo. I eventually saw it on TV and I just had to laugh at how bad the dialogue was. But I didn't expect it to be great to start - heck, we all know the boat's going to sink from the start.

    I can't come up with ten but for me an overrated movie was Beaches. I guess I'm just too cynical for that kind of flick. It seemed like a big Bette Midler ego trip. How many times did we have to hear someone say, "you have so much talent." Spare me. I actually got so disgusted I left before the final 20 minutes, so I didn't have the sad part to balance out the endless praising of BM.

    Forgot to add: I've always had a soft spot for PeeWee's Big Adventure. Most of my friends hated it, but I loved it. "Basement?!? There's no basement at the Alamo!"
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    I LOVE "There's Something About Mary".... poor movie!

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    I think :
    Lost in Translation
    Blair Witch Project
    The Ring
    are overrated movies
    and underrated movies are..hm I need to get back on that one

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    The Ring was overrated, I didn't even think it was that scary

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    Overrated=Men In Black

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner
    Overrated=Men In Black

    Agreed! I also wasn't a fan of the Matrix, Harry Potter, Shrek, or any Star Wars movie.

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    Well heck, somebody has to toss out an underrated movie: Starship Troopers.

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