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Thread: Colin Farrell's 'Huge' Manhood Cut from Film

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    nevermind about the release dates

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    I just saw it. It was awesome man.

    It is about a young man that meets a new friend. they experiment with sex and drugs with each other. His family dies and he lives with his best friend. His new family teaches him things. Then later he uses the skills to keep his new family apart. He moves in with his best friend and his room mate. They form a love triangle. then things are tested.

    I saw a very fast clip of Colin Farrell's "area"

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    Oh my God, i thought the title meant something else Collin Farell's 'Huge' Manhood cut from film literally. But now i know ^_^, this is a movie where nudity should be common so I disagree that they cutted that scene out. Maybe the women were overexcited because they just liked the shot and it was a goodtime to be excited and the men were probably threatened by Collin Farrell's big ding dong.

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