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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    Fashionista Sandinista Chorita KaBoom's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
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    I rented "Die Mommy Die". Charles Busch totally cracks me up!
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    HBK fan nilesgirl's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Well, I gave "Taking Lives" another shot and it was actually pretty good. A little confusing and slow at parts but good. I also rented American Wedding (The Only American Pie movie I haven't seen), Porky's and Porky's 2. My husband hasn't seen any of the Porky movies so I just had to get them. Next week, I'll get the 3rd one.
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    Jun 2003
    I had a friend over on Friday night, so we gave some movies a shot. Here's my take on our picks.

    Secret Window-This movie was really good in my opinion. I loved the suspense of it all, but to those of you who haven't seen it, I strongly advise to pay close attention!

    Johnson Family Vacation-Hilarious movie! I loved watching it. Great entertainment and good clean fun for the whole family.

    Labyrinth-Okay, so I've seen this a million times, but I still never get tired of it.. Its such a good movie and never gets old.
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    We just rented "Bourne Identity" cause we wanted to see it one more time to refresh our memory before going to see "Bourne Supremacy" in the theater. Now I can't wait to see it!

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    TV Fanatic leogirl_21's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
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    Laws Of Attraction - I liked it, it was pretty decent, however, I actually saw it when I was on a cruise to Alaska last month and I was falling asleep watching it...not because it was boring but seriously, I was just sleepy.

    The Prince and Me - Also saw it during the cruise, I loved this one! Only because I am a sucker for love stories. Julia Stiles was amazing.

    Mean Girls - Good as well. I like Lindsay Lohan so it made it even better. The movie was pretty mean (as the title says) and it was fun to watch.

    Johnson family Vacation - Saw this one on a flight from Seattle to Miami. Laughed quite a bit but thought it would be funnier. Still, it was a good time-passer movie especially considering how long and boring the flight was.
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    Lucky!! octobergirl's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    Portland OR
    50 First Dates. Really cute and I loved it. I like love stories that aren't too corny and Adam Sandler was so good in this, well so are Drew Barrymore and Rob Schnieder,too. Great combination. I had been hoping that she would totally recover, but the ending was sweet and brought a little tear to my eye!
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    FORT Fogey Noreen's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
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    Twisted - Ashley Judd Samuel L Jackson Andy Garcia 2004
    This wasn't bad, the stars did their jobs, kinda predictable but worth a rent if you like thrillers.

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    Some rentals, some purchases.

    Once upon a time in the west, *****
    A classic spagetti western. I keep finding this double DVD set selling cheap at Walmart, HMW and other DVD stores. I'd say it's a must-own even if you don't like westerns. Charles Bronson is too cool in this!

    Badder Santa, **
    So mean-spirited, but I guess that was the point. It has its moments.

    Chris Rock: Never Scared, ***
    There's some LOL moments, particularly the political stuff. Bonus material includes a very funny early standup appearance.

    The man who wasn't there, **
    I really wanted to love this. It has some truly great scenes. But the last half-hour just bogs down and Billy Bob Thorton seems miscast, or maybe I don't find Billy Bob that engaging as an actor.

    Strange Days, *
    I'll give it a star just because I was able to stand it the whole way through. Everything seems painfully dated. The "virtual reality" concept was better executed in "eXistenz."
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    Since its semester break I got soo many videos out! Last 3 bunch were:

    - Pirates of the carribean (seen it at movies) Wow i love this movie!
    - The Hours : ahh so lames! Nice directing thou!
    - Just Married : Oh so much talking it sucks!

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    the sweetest thing snickers's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    ok i saw:

    -dirty dancing 2.....not that impressed, the first one was so much better
    -21 grams.....liked it....a little too depressing though
    -heavenly creatures.....odd at times, but great performance by kate winslet

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