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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    Seabiscuit-liked it

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    Under the Tuscan Sun

    I liked it - I expected it to be the usual chick flick - exploring the 'next' relationship, but it wasn't it was following a woman's journey while she pieced her shattered life back together after divorce. Yeah ok - total chick flick.. but not the kind I was expecting.
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    Under the Tuscan Sun and Lost in translation ( I don't really care for both of them not as good as I expected)

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    I just rented the Criterion release of I Am Curious Yellow/Blue and remember the fuss surrounding it about censorship. Watched Yellow and even today would be considered avant garde - not for the nude frontal scenes, but about the political satire!
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    Tu Mama Tambien - yowza! Good date night movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Igby Goes Down. It had a good cast but, I just couldn't get into it. The story was good however, I didn't really care about Igby. When you don't care about the supposed lead, what's the point?
    Ooh, my friend and I had quite an, ahem, discussion about this movie. I liked it, he didn't at all, for the same reason you state. I did feel sympathy for Igby.

    MY last batch of 3 rentals: Morvern Callar with Samantha Morton - nothing special.

    Once upon a Time in the Midlands. Not great, but I liked it. It had Robert Carlyle (sp?) from Trainspotting, and I like him.

    Also, Sharkskin Man and PeachHip Girl. Japanese genre/manga influenced...I didn't get any of it, but there were some cool outfits.

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    FORT Fogey
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    I've recently rented T3. I liked it perhaps because it's hilarious to see our governor naked when he first comes.

    I also rented Freaky Friday a few weeks ago. I thought it was really cute

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    Being someone who participated in spelling bees as an awkward youngster, I'll definitely check out Spellbound. Thanks for the recommendation, Snow. Recently I've watched Lost in Translation, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Dangerous Beauty. Some brief comments: LiT was somewhat slow, but I just love movies which feature cultural contact zones. Scarlett Johannsen and Bill Murray offer up some fine acting. I just love Scarlett Johannsen, and especially appreciated her skillz in Ghost World. Dangerous Beauty...well, I adored this film, but my guy-partner (what do the kids call them these days) fell asleep through the movie. It's based on the book The Honest Courtesan and tracks a portion of the life of Veronica Franco, the courtesan and poetess, during 16th century Venice. There are some cheesy moments (such as when her mother teaches her how to give a hand job) and there are some other highly romantic and female-empowering scenes, but there's enough swordplay and bedplay to suit the men, that is, until they nap. It's an inspiring story. Women: any doubts about your sexual prowess? Watch this movie, and all doubts will fade.

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    "The Sweetest Thing" - complete chick movie.. But completely true to life. Hilarious and I HIGHLY recommend a group of girlfriends rent this and have a girls night. It will be well worth it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayla
    .....There are some cheesy moments (such as when her mother teaches her how to give a hand job).....
    Is that like a French manicure?

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