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- Early in the film the government shuts down the robot program, but five years later it seems like the robots are the only thing that are still effectively fighting the aliens. Did the government just shut it down with no other plan on the table!? Was the wall they talked about the ONLY other strategy? That doesn't make ANY sense.
- Furthermore, the head guy of the robot program says after the government stopped funding them that they are not "the resistance". It looks like he had thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of people still working. That must be an amazingly funded "resistance".
- We are told that the aliens are coming under orders to take over the earth and that they will come in progressively more destructive waves. Why would the aliens spend so much time and lose so many "low level" aliens? Wouldn't that just give humans more time to adapt to their attacks and figure out how to defeat them? Why not just send their biggest baddest aliens and take out the earth all at once? Seems like a bad strategy aliens...