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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsmejean View Post
    Saw the new Hills movie too----did not think it was scary at all, but did find it VERY GROSS.....and I do NOT do gross well at all.......will pass if there is a sequel
    All I could think about was that the people who live in the condos on either side of me were going to call the cops and report a possible homicide in progress next door to them. At one point I timed the seemingly endless screaming at a mindnumbing 4 consecutive minutes. Yes, that's how "good" this movie was. I had to make up games to amuse myself to help pass the time. But if you want to torture your neighbors, rent this garbage, crank up the volume, pop in your ear plugs and curl up with a good book.
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    Is The Da Vinci Code out yet?
    The dvd?

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    The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It's a successful The Exorcist-type horror movie/courtroom drama blend, and boy, did it scare the heck out of me. Don't ask me why, but this agnostic has a very hard time dealing with scary movies about exorcism, religion, and evil spirits. Psycho killers, disemboweled teens and gore fests? Fine. Give me anything on the occult and I'm whimpering like a baby.

    Aside from being genuinely scary, The Exorcism of Emily Rose also features two of the arguably most talented actors around today - Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson. I was also very impressed by the young actress playing Emily Rose. This movie seems to have been rather overlooked, but do rent it if you're in the mood for something scary yet substantial.
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    I rented Pride and Prejudiced. Liked it very much, but had to put subtitles as I didn't always understand everything. Must have been a combination of the TV volume (baby sleeping) and accent.

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    I rented Shine from On Demand and I'm a little confused. Since I don't know anything about the real David Helfgott, I found something confusing. In one scene, he was 13 and performing a very difficult piece for a concert. He got up to thunderous applause and then collapsed. They then jumped to him getting electroshock treatments and he's now at a mental hospital. But there was no explanation or dialogue discussing what exactly happened that brought him to that point. Also, why did he start talking like he did (repeating phrases and words over and over)? I'm hoping someone here will be able to tell me what I need to know. All in all it was a beautiful movie.
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    The Ringer .. I seem to rent it every weekend instead of buying it (we get free Blockbuster Rentals since my mom works for the company)

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    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - ok indie style film.
    16 Blocks - started really slow and then picked up. I really disliked Mos Def's nasal, bleating voice.
    The Matador - Loved it! Not only did I get to stare at Pierce Brosnan but it had a good storyline and some very funny moments.
    Munich - slow. too long. It left me with a heavy heart.
    An Unfinished Life - I liked this movie a whole lot.
    Animal - I'd never heard of this movie. It was written by and starred Ving Rhames. I hated the cinematography and the story felt disjointed and it didn't flow very well. The story had a lot of potential but it chose to dwell on gratuitous violence rather than make the deep meaningful movie it could have been.
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    This finally came from the library (I put it on hold about a year ago), but I saw Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle. Okay, I'm middle aged so I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I thought it was hysterically funny. Particularly the "Hemoglobin Trotters" .
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    ATL - pretty good movie.

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    Pride & Prejudice (the new version)-The movie was really awesome! I read the book and I personally think that the movie is better. Keira Knightley was awesome!

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