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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    The last good alien-invasion movie comparable to War of the Worlds, IMO, is Dark City. There have been very few good ones in recent memory, which is why I'm skeptical about the remake.

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    Just watched My Flesh and Blood this morning, an HBO documentary. Absolutely facinating, heart-wrenching, and beautiful. Susan Tom (who lives in Fairfield, CA) has opened her home to children with special needs, and this is a one-year documentary, real life goings-on, at the Tom household. The horrific diseases and challenges these poor children face, not to mention the heartbreaking, exhausting work this amazing woman does, it's a life-changing film.

    I was excited to see it'd won many Sundance Film Festival awards in 2003.

    I wonder if anyone's nominated her for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This woman is absolutely incredible!

    My Flesh and Blood

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    Will check it out, Rumpshaker!

    Sideways - How was Thomas Haden Church nominated for an Oscar, and Paul Giamatti not? Giamatti was the best thing in this movie, which sort of rips off "Y Tu Mama Tabien" only with a strong middle-age theme.

    Alfie - This movie's been done countless of times since the original Alfie. But I still enjoyed the slick direction and Jude Law's performance. Chris Rock was partly right when he said Law was in every movie. Lately, I've seen him in Sky Captain, Lemony Snicket's and now this. Say what you want, Chris, he's the most versatile actor of our generation.

    Undertow - This one requires a lot of patience, or you'll fall asleep. I recognized a few of the film's influences. Some of them are blatant (
    Click to see Spoiler:
    "Graves of the Fireflies"
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    "Night of the Hunter."
    ). It's a film I appreciated on the whole but was bothered by the weak dialogue and slow pacing. The director's last film, "All the Real Girls," is still by far his strongest. His latest is a bit a disappointed but I wouldn't mind seeing it again, if not to admire the interesting visuals.
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    I loved Sideways, though I'm not even sure why. Once I got over thinking of Thomas Haden Church as Lowell, I loved his performance.

    Also recently saw Suspect Zero...it was just OK.
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    Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta.
    Travola again shows why he is paid the big bucks. Phoenix was sub-par IMO.
    Big fires, good story. Well worth a watch.

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    Shall We Dance.

    Other then looking at how amazing Richard Gere looks as he gets older, the movie did little for me. Of course, I may be too much of a bitter divorcing woman to have enjoyed it. The one big problem I had with the movie is that I don't consider Jennifer Lopez to be that much of a godess amoung women to entice men into the dance studio. So anytime the carmara loving gazed at her and you were sopposed to be bathed in the warm glow of her beauty, I just was amused.
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    The interpretor

    Nicole is great. I love the movie.

    Great horror film

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    Saw. Great movie for horror fans. I just loved it!
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    Troy. I fell in love with Brad Pitt all over again.

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    Reality tv fan
    Some recent ones I've seen..

    Meet the Fockers

    Loved it, even funnier than the first one. Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman were hilarious.

    White Chicks

    A bit silly, but ok.

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