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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    Oct 2004
    Fangtasia - The Bar With Bite
    Super Size Me - made me swear off fast food again (just like it did when I saw it in the theater!)

    Tortilla Soup - family drama with Hector Elizondo playing a widower with 3 grown daughters

    Saved! - I should have just bought it instead of renting it since the cost of a movie ticket and a movie rental add up to about the cost of the DVD. LOVE this movie!

    Lucky 13 - cute little indie film with Lauren Graham. The ending was sort of "huh?," but overall, not too bad.

    I really wanted to rent Stage Beauty with Clare Danes and Billy Crudup, but it was all out. Has anyone seen it? I admit I'm curious since this was the film where they met and got together (and he left Mary Louise Parker when she was pregnant with his child).

    BTW - I remember seeing the original Stepford Wives when I was a kid and it scared the snot out of me!
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    Oct 2002
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    I rented Garden State. While I liked parts of it, I didn't get most of it. I seemed to have missed something, basically I missed why people were raving about it.

    Napoleon Dynamite- my daughter rented it. I lasted about 15 minutes but the guy's whining voice just did me in. I couldn't listen to him any more. She thought it was kind of funny.
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    Mar 2005
    "House of Blue Daggers" was pretty good , visually stimulating and poetic like a ballet.
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    Jersey Girl

    Overall it was pretty sweet. Enjoyable.

    Nine Lives

    Sort of a bland slasher flick, the setting is good, very atmospheric, has some creepy moments, but could have been much better.

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    Mar 2004
    Right Here, Right Now!
    Ghost in the Machine - Innocence

    Mean Girls

    Confessions of a Teenaged Drama Queen

    I know, it was sort of a Lindsay Lohan fest. Every once in a while I just gotta indulge the teenage girl in me...
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    Jul 2003
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    The Village - decent movie

    Exorcist:The Beginning - don't bother

    The Notebook - had me bawling like a baby!
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    Sep 2002
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    Perfect Strangers - Odd, odd, odd movie. Would not recommend it.

    Exorcist - The Beginning - I liked it, if you take into account that it's a horror movie and not a historical account.

    Rise of the Phoenix - Surprisingly, I liked it. It was also weird to see Giovanni Ribisi in such a departure from his usual roles.
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    Nov 2003
    The Motorcycle Diaries - didn't finish watching it, I will finish tonight...but I am really enjoying it, so far.
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    Reading your thoughts
    All I can say is this movie puts a real damper on love.
    No sex, just a lot of raw talk. Rated R for a reason.

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    Reality tv fan
    Supersize Me

    Definitely interesting documentary, though made me feel a bit sick....

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