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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    Hi, Olivia!
    This movie is amazing haunting beautiful.

    I've seen it, and, yes, I did like it. I thought the ending was unforgettable.
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    Gutmutter, what do you mean by "stuckup and Nancyboy"?
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    Reality tv fan
    Last night rented...

    The Girl Next Door

    I heard this one has gotten good reviews....overall it was ok, but I've seen better comedies.

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    To honour the collective memory of our childhoods, my friends and I rented The Last Unicorn last night. Hmm...fantasy + 80s anime = LOVE.

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    "Hidalgo" and "Love Actually," ***
    I watched these two with my family. One is a goofy adventure movie about a legendary horse race across the Arabian desert. I thought it was enjoyable for what it was - popcorn fluff. But I can see why it flopped in the boxoffice. The other is the mother of all "romcom" movies. Great ensemble cast. There are about five story plots simultaneously played out the whole movie. But it's done so seamlessly, it's not confusing. The nudity was offputting, especially with my conservative relatives sitting right beside me. But the last 30 minutes, consisting of about five "feel good" moments, more than made up for it. Have a tissue handy.
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    I did'nt rent it but my friend just let me borrow, Pulp Fiction. That Quentin Tarintino film with Uma Thurman. Samuel Jackson and John Travolta are also in it. I havent watched it though. Anyone seen it?

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    Harold & Kumar Go To The White Castle I loved it! Coulda done without all the potty humor and boobshots, but overall I thought it was hilarious. 5/5

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    Pulp Fiction is a classic, J1NVUPatricia! You're in for a treat. Or you'll hate it and think I'm crazy. I'm a huge Tarantino fan though, so my opinion is quite biased.

    This weekend we watched a Thai film called 6ixtyNin9, that is a cool, little crime thriller with a deft (but darkly) comedic touch, a healthy sense of irony, and is also, coincidentally, a wee bit Tarantino-esque. I think knowing too much about the story would spoil the suspense, but the main premise is that the life of a down-on-her-luck woman is changed drastically by a loose number on her apartment door (6 to 9--hence the title) which causes her to find a large sum of money in a noodle box at her front door. For me, I was interested in seeing contemporary Thai cinema, which O dpn't know that much about. It was a pleasant surprise.
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    Napoleon Dynamite - Enjoyable, but not nearly as funny as I was led to believe.

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    This month,

    Ghost in the Shell 2
    Goodbye Lenin
    The Battle of Algiers
    Tarkovsky's The Mirror (So, that's where the videotape sequence from The Ring/Ringu came from!)
    The Decalogue (8 and 9, so far)
    The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
    Insomnia (original)
    Wings of Desire

    The Thing From Another World (Slow pacing; Dull characters; Scary scenes laughable)

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (I found the 1954 classic to be a bit slow and dated. I noticed the Star Trek references. Interesting.)

    The Wire (Ep. 1-5)
    Damn Yankees (It's up there with Singin' in the Rain as one of the better musicals)
    The Seventh Seal
    Breaking the Waves
    Eyes Without a Face
    Faust (1926)
    The 400 Blows
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