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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    We rented The Girl Next Door. It was funny. At first I didn't think I was going to like it, but it turned out to be good.
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    Over the last few weeks, I really didn't watch much as I thought I was. January was a very lack-luster month IMO (with the exception of Troy), so that could explain it.

    Cellular - I was reluctant to see this, but overall, I have to say it was OK at best. The first half of the movie was laughable, and many of my staff-mates agree. I thought things picked up around the half-way point, but the ending was a little lack-luster, and it didn't feel like it had enough resolve. I was very disappointed by William H. Macy's character, as he seemed more like a sissy than a real cop. The trailers made it seem like he's been doing homicide work/kidnapping cases for the most of his carrier. If that's what they were going for, it worked, because his character was nothing like that. Anyways, I'm giving this a +.5 bonus because the movie was a good length but still kept me interested to give it a final score of 3/5 overall. Worth a rental, but no more.

    The Forgotten - The general consensus I've been hearing is the movie good, gets better, than BAM, falls down the gutter. I'd say I was as disappointed as everyone else, but, I could already tell some of the things that were going on (the super natural things that happen in the trailers, for example). The original ending, though,
    Click to see Spoiler:
    where the alien who took Sam changes his face while he screams, and glass is shattered everywhere, I thought that was WAY too over the top. Could you have been any more subtle that he was an alien please? The alternate ending I wasn't gung-ho about either, but it left a "We'll be back" kind of feel to it. But, the satisfaction of the alien saying "I need more ti-" and getting sucked away just made me laugh out loud. Personally, I thought this was going to be something like it was all in her head, and she was actually making up Sam, and she has actually been in medical attention for quite some time. I could have bought that rather than the aliens plot-line.
    . Despite the ending, I'd give this one a 3.5/5 overall.

    Ray - I was quite impressed with this one here. Although, it might be because I selected the "Extended Cut" on the play-disc, but it seemed like it cut back and forth too many times I could hardly keep up with what year/what we were looking at. The movie itself, though, was excellent. I thought the movie at a great spot, and the progression through-out Ray's life was done wonderfully. I went into the movie thinking it was going to be a simple Day 1 to Present type of movie, but thankfully, it wasn't exactly like that. Definitely recommend for a rental or picking up a copy to buy, because I'm sure this might get an Oscar here, so get it while it's still fresh. 4.5/5 from me.

    Sadly, those were the only movies I've seen in the last few weeks. I've been trying to pick-up Mr. 3000 for quite some time now, but our store only received a few copies, and I prefer to have a wide-screen copy. Tomorrow I hope to get that, and I should also have a copy of Shark Tale on me. Everyone is wanting to see that one, so I guess I better beat the rush.

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    Pickup on South Street, ****
    Underrated film noir from 1953. No big stars but very well-acted, especially by Thelma Ritter, who practically steals the show with her Brooklyn accent-ladened, Oscar-nominated performance. You'll probably find this one in the VHS section of the video store.

    I haven't seen any recent movies lately, other than Harold and Kumar, a so-so comedy. I do want to see Ray and [soft voice]The Notebook[/sv].

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    Ray was good, much better than I had expected (I was worried it would be a wee bit over-hyped, but my husband convinced me to get it). Jamie Foxx really gives a bravura performance, and I think it's a crime that the actress who played his mom did not get a supporting actress nom from the Academy. I needed Kleenex a couple of times during this one.

    We also watched Maria Full of Grace which was really excellent, a very moving film that deals with its difficult subject matter with realism, subtlety, and power. Catalina Sandino Moreno's performance is so immediate, and so earnest, that I see why she deserved her Oscar nod. After I watched this, it made me think how much Hollywood "stars" don't even act anymore; they're just name brands that we are expected to worship on celluloid (such as in the abysmal, self-conscious smirk-fest, Ocean's 12). Hollywood could learn a thing or too about authentic performances from newcomer Moreno, who inhabits her character with a commitment that grips the viewer throughout the film.
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    Angels in America Part 1 and 2 in one sitting, with my Mother who is visiting from the Prairie. This lived up to all the hype, and Emma Thompson has never looked more beautiful.

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    Friday Night Lights
    Open Water
    The Forgotten

    (I was sick....)

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    The Grudge and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

    they were ok

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    The Grudge - better than I thought

    Cellular - also better than I thought, the lead actor in it steals the show. Kim Basinger is pretty much her hysterical self and screeches through most of the movie

    The Notebook - I watched this on my own and cried through about the last 2/3 of the movie. Obviously, the boyfriend opted out. It was a great tearjerker, but 100% a chick flick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights' SOLE purpose is as a vehicle for ogling Latin hottie Diego Luna. In my household, this movie was rented in secrecy and shame, and viewed on a Girls' Night In.
    Didn't waste time or energy renting , bought it as soon as it was available for gratuitous Diego watching on demand.

    This weekend we went old school mindless entertainment.

    Animal House
    Caddy Shack
    Cannonball Run

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    Kill Bill Volume 2 - Once again really NOT my type of movie. Too gory and sadistic for my taste.

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