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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    St. Elmo's Fire is one of my all-time favourite movies - along with The Breakfast Club, it's my movie version of comfort food (plus I remember having those hairstyles ).

    The Village - ugh. Ridiculous.

    Open Water - if you haven't rented The Village yet, walk past it and pick up this one instead. An excellent thriller, and make sure to watch the special features on how the movie was filmed - fascinating.
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    Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, loved it, especially Kate Winslet's performance. Give me Kate over Nicole anyday.

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    Eternal Sunshine..., ****
    Carrey and Winslet are good (not great) in a movie about relationships that are good, not great. The movie is not only good but great thanks to the Kaufman screenplay and skillful direction.

    After Hours, ***
    One of the few Scorsese comedies. It's about a loner with a boring office job and his night of adventure in the streets of NYC. Similar to: Eyes Wide Shut, Muholland Dr. Strong references made to: The Wizard of Oz, of all films.

    Zatoichi (the new one), ***
    A Samurai spagetti western. In other words, a very cool action flick with lots of blood and dismembered bodies. Not much substance and the ending dance sequence is pure cheese.

    Hero, ***
    It's certainly beautiful to look at and the action is artfully shot. But the pacing is too slow, especially for an action movie. The wooden acting made it difficult for me to connect to any of the characters. I hesitate to say the movie's all style no substance because it's loosely based on Chinese history, which I'm not familiar with. As an outsider, I found that aspect of it fresh and eye-opening.

    Manchurian Candidate, **
    I expected a little more. There are some interesting changes to the original characters and twists in the plot. Other than that it's a little too faithful to the older movie. Almost unnecessary. I likened this to the Planet of the Apes remake which was also a disappointment but not unwatchable.

    Mean Girls, **
    I felt a little dirty watching high school girls sporting mini-skirts and boost up bras. There's a positive message for kids, I guess.
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    I rented Cellular for this weekend. Anybody else rent it? If so, how was it?

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    Reality tv fan
    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    Open Water - if you haven't rented The Village yet, walk past it and pick up this one instead. An excellent thriller, and make sure to watch the special features on how the movie was filmed - fascinating.

    I haven't seen Open Water yet, but yes it does look great (although I heard it was pretty short) I did love The Village though.....I though the twist was neat.

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    My husband could not believe I've never seen any of The Godfather movies(especially since I'm Italian). So, we rented them. We're halfway through the second one. We have a three year old and a two month old so it's taken four days to watch what we have. We have to watch in 30-45 minute increments with the captions. Maybe we'll finish this week before they're due!

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    Rented Cellular and was pleasently surprised. It was almost like a thriller mixed with a tad of comedy. A little cheesy but overall good.

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    Okay, so tonight I rented the Wizard of Oz dvd, and put it on mute while listening to Dark Side of the Moon. Maybe you need to be stoned, I don't know, but aside from a few parts I didn't really see the major correlation.

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    I think you really need the drugs for that, Amanda. (Not that I know anything about it, and kids, just say no. )

    Anyway, this isn't a movie, but if there are any BlackAdder fans out there, I highly recommend the millenium special BlackAdder: Back & Forth, which reunites Rowan Atkinson's BlackAdder with all the characters you know and love, along with a few cheeky cameos (Colin Firth as Shakespeare, Kate Moss as Maid Marion).
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    Along came Polly - saw this on the weekend, and I loved it! I'm a huge Ben Stiller fan, and he's as funny as ever in this, and Jennifer Aniston was cute in this. Great little comedy.

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