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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florimel
    The Manchurian Candidate Superbly done. I was prepared to dislike this movie because I usually hate remakes of classics. This was the exception that proves the rule. Brilliant casting.
    I agree. It was much better than I anticipated.....Denzel is just a marvelous actor....great facial expressions showing such emotion, with no words spoken at times....very suspenseful.

    Also really liked Collateral with Tom Cruise. Personally, I think TC is over-rated....he bores me, but as a bad guy, I think he was superb. It's not a magnificent movie, but very entertaining for a rental.
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    Just watched Anchorman. Very quirky and enjoyable.

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    We've been on a renting jag this weekend, since I finally moved the DVD player into the living room, instead of the bedroom.

    Collateral: Extremely, extremely good. I highly recommend it to everyone!

    The Bourne Supremacy: Eh, it was okay. Nothing great.

    I, Robot: I'm not big into futuristic movies, but this was a pretty decent exception.

    Dodgeball: Corny, but funny. I enjoyed it.

    50 First Dates: I'm not into Adam Sandler, but it was a pretty funny movie.

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    Van Helsing - I'm late with this one but I liked it a LOT better than I thought I would. Loved the effects and, of course, it's no hardship to watch Hugh Jackman for a couple of hours.

    Chronicles of Riddick - and this is from a Vin Diesel fan. Possibly the most boring movie I watched all year. Plus, the violence was way, way over the top - I know it's an action movie but geez, sometimes less is more.
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    I actually rented a couple yesterday.

    Along Came Polly: enjoyable; a few laugh out loud parts and was a good rent.

    Bourne Supremacy: actually fell asleep during the first run so I had to go back and rewatch it. I thought it was ok and was glad I didn't spend the money on a ticket. Not as good as the first one.
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    I watched Garden State last night. Loved it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    Denzel is just a marvelous actor....great facial expressions showing such emotion, with no words spoken at times.
    Yes! He is an amazing actor.

    We saw "Gerry," with Matt Damon and Casey Affleck. It's described as "an existential Dude Where's My Car." They get lost in the desert, and I think the dialogue was improvised. Gus Van Sant () directed. I's a weird movie because not a lot happens but it's interesting nonetheless.
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    The Terminal with Tom Hanks. It started a little slow, but I ended up enjoying it.

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    We rented
    The Bourne Supremacy - meh, the first one was much better.

    Chronicles of Riddick - I agree with AJ - way too much gratuitous violence and only half way interesting.

    I, Robot - I liked it. The naked shot of the beautifully buff Will Smith in the shower didn't hurt either

    The Terminal - I loved this movie! and what's more .. my very picky husband loved this movie. It's funny and quirky and you just can't help getting swept up in it.

    Princess Diaries II - chick flick all the way, that said.. I watched it alone LOL. I really enjoyed it, a case of the sequel being as good as the original same characters, different story, apparent evolution and full of 'girl power'.

    Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - Lindsay Lohan sucks.

    ETA: oops we rented King Arthur too - I hate to say it but I was bored. I don't care that this was probably a more accurate depiction of actual events - I'll take Camelot in all of it's knightly glory over this movie anyday. It was ok - it dragged some places where it shouldnt have and zoomed by in places where I would have liked to have seen more I wouldn't recommend it.
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    I watched a few this past week:
    King Arthur (done on the cheap, not enough people in the battles, kind of stupid in some parts)
    Manchurian Candidate (2004) good one
    Collateral, I liked this a lot, a real movie vs the over the top action we usually get now-days.
    Stepford Wives (2004) what were they thinking????
    13 going on 30, better than I expected, really cute.

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