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Thread: Last Movies You Have Rented

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Everyone in the world who's ever eaten at a fast food chain should watch Supersize Me (and read Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser too--which made me boycott McD's over 3 years ago). It was surprisingly entertaining, and of course the information it contains about big corporate fast food is lifechanging.

    And make sure you watch "The Smoking Fry" in the DVD extras--you'll never want to put a McDonald's fry in your mouth ever again (go to In 'n' Out instead, people!).

    I just saw Super Size Me last night and it is unbelievable! I would recommend it to everyone who likes fast food and eats it a least once a week. For those of you who saw this film in theatres,the DVD is worth renting because it has deleted scenes and interviews including a 30 minute interview with the author of Fast Food Nation. It is a must see!

    I also rented Mean Girls and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was never a Lindsey Lohan fan,but she was great in this movie. It's funny,a little dark in places,but ultimately a good film IMHO. Definitely worth a rental!

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    I just watched Supersize Me too. What a wake-up call. I thought it was great that he also did pieces on what we feed our children in schools. It's atrocious!

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    I saw 'Mean Girls' in the movie theatres. *Great* teen movie. (Think "Heathers" meets "Clueless") This is one of my favorite teen movies since the original 'American Pie' and 'Can't Hardly Wait'.

    13 going on 30 was pretty good. I had heard so many glowing reviews, I thought it was going to be great. But it was above average.

    I'll be picking up 'Supersize Me' this weekend, hopefully i can convince my wife to watch it .. when she hears the word "documentary" she begins to zone out.

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    Mystery Science theater 3000: the movie! I'm I big fan of it

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    Second weekend in a row I have rented a documentary, this week it was Fahrenheit 911. Going into it, I was a mix between Bush/Kerry but after watching it, I want anybody but Bush in office.

    Such an interesting film! I definetly reccomend it!

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    I thought Farenheit 9/11 was a really good movie too, AIWANNABE. It's pretty flawed, but still has some decent arguements as well.

    Just watched "The Day After Tomorrow". Great special affects, but the script was worse than meh.

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    I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who enjoyed Mean Girls.
    A Lindsay Lohan (aka Orange Girl) fan I am not but there was a great group of young actors in this movie.

    I also saw...don't laugh...The Prince and me. Ok. This girl wants to be a doctor, she's intelligent, all pretty and, on top of it all, she gets the prince? Oh please.
    I'm getting too old for this kind of movie.

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    Reality tv fan
    Mean Girls

    Just saw this last night. Overall enjoyable, it's a little of HEATHERS and CLUELESS mixed together but this film can definitely hold its own. A great cast, including a young actress I've been liking more and more these days (Rachel McAdams, who I saw in the Hot Chick, and in The Notebook , which I haven't seen but heard was excellent!) It combines some funny moments with a little dark comedy, to make this one of the better teen comedies in recent years.

    The Day After Tomorrow

    Bought this on DVD, and rewatched it again after seeing it in the theatres initially. Visually stunning, unforgettable scenes, though I'm not a fan of Jake Gyllenhall, I thought he was good in this. One of my favorite movies of this year.

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)

    Although I'm not a fan of the original, I liked the remake. Disturbing, frightening, and downright chilling. Jessica Biel did a good job, very different from her character on 7th Heaven. Lots of queasy scenes but I'd recommend it if you're into this genre of horror. I also like the way the beginning and end was in a documentary style, looked very real.......and scary.
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    Rented Dawn of the Dead (the new one) to watch tonight (now morning apparently...), and I must say, I was quite impressed. I wasn't scared what-so-ever, but for sheer entertainment value, I was impressed. Normally, I'm not a real big fan of zombie-flesh-eating-monster-zombie-demons (you get the picture), so this was a nice suprise for me.

    Like I said, not scary, but entertaining, and at least worth a rental even if you're not into zombie flicks.

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    A couple of horror flicks.

    Dawn of the Dead (original), **
    This was my first time viewing the original. This look hilariously dated. The zombie makeup consists of blue face-painting. It was hard for me to be frightened. As a horror flick, it doesn't hold up. As a comedy/suspense/thriller, maybe. I just didn't care enough for the characters.

    Wendigo, ***
    A fairly conventional suspense movie set in the woods. It's "Blair Witch" meet "Deliverance."

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