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Thread: Actress Juliette Lewis to see Pet Psychic

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    Actress Juliette Lewis to see Pet Psychic

    Lewis Considers Seeing Pet Psychic
    Jun 4, 7:16 AM EST

    The Associated Press

    Juliette Lewis has movie stardom and a burgeoning career as a rock musician, but what she really wants is to find out what happened to her little dog, Chowie.

    Lewis' Chihuahua died seven years ago, the victim of coyotes that snatched him from the back yard. The "Cape Fear" star is considering seeing a pet psychic for more information and peace of mind.

    "As crazy as that is," she tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "I want to go to her (the pet psychic) and say, `Where is my Chowie? Is he reincarnated? And how can I find him?'"

    The 30-year-old is performing at the Warped Tour with her band, The Licks, starting June 25.

    But she says she's not like other actresses (including Gina Gershon and Minnie Driver) who've sought out music careers.

    "First of all, you have to ask yourself what kind of actress I am. I'm not some blushing ingenue who has an immaculate image, who has caretakers and stylists and all that stuff," Lewis says.

    "I'm literally this sounds stupid," she laughs, "but I'm of the people! That's why I never did well at Hollywood social events."


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    Can she go and get a "family" or 2 for 1 rate if she also attends the sessions?

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    May-bee the Dingos took her bay-bee...

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