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Thread: Tired Movie Cliches That Drive You Nuts

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    Another thing that bothers me..

    All these women in these old movies, like set in the fifties always wear heels, a nice dress, and pearls.. even to clean the house! I mean, I'm all for looking your best, but wearin em to clean the house is where I'm drawing the line!
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    Every phone number starts with 555.

    In martial arts movies, if it's a 1 on 1 fight it will go on for 30 minutes and they'll kick the crap out of each other. But if it's 5 bad guys against 1 good guy, the bad guys will take turns, get hit once, and be knocked out cold

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    Every single nun in movies or TV series are teachers at a school, wear a habit (there are lots of nuns that don't), are extremely mean, know nothing about current events, and carry around a ruler to slap you with.

    (With the exception of Sister Act.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by djgirl5235
    Funny story about Canadian myths... I was on a trip to Chicago, and our tour guide literally asked me how many dogs I had. I was really confused for a minute and finally asked him what he meant. He wanted to know how many dogs it took to actually pull a sled. I said, I'm from TORONTO, not the Arctic!

    Deej, you should have said "Well, in the summer, the snow is only 4 feet deep so I only need 2 huskies but in the winter I need at least 8 to pull the sled".

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    you mean the snow is only 4 feet deep in the summer there? It's at least 9 feet right now...

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    1. No matter where in the world the story's taking place, on Valentine's Day the weather is always perfect for wearing a little black(sometimes red) dress and taking a long walk in the park.
    2. In court movies there's always one member of the jury that disagrees with the rest and after making them go over the case 3 times finally proves that he/she was right all along.
    3. There is always a hispanic cab driver, a fat, short, balding, jerk business man, a slut, and a stereotyped black person(usually lots of attitude for women, "gangsta" type for men) on juries.
    4. Lawyers defending different sides always hate each other but are still strangely attracted to each other.
    5. Young nuns always have perfect skin, shiny hair, red lips, rosy cheeks, and long eyelashes.
    6. All rich teens drink, smoke, and do pot.
    7. All rich and beautiful people are jerks.
    8. All teenage girls have phones in their room.
    9. All teenage girls ever do is shop, talk on the phone, and have sleepovers.
    10. Parents don't mind one bit leaving their 13 year olds to scout the mall with friends only.
    11. Whenever a teen lies to their parents about going to sleep at a friend's house the parent calls to inform the child he/she forgot their toothbrush.
    12. Everyone at highschool, even the "dorks", are gorgous and have designer wardrobes.
    13. All cheerleaders are snobby idiots.
    14. Everyone at highschool fits a stereotype(jock,nerd,etc).
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    I know one thing I've always wondered...How come vampires are always skinny? Aren't there any fat vampires, even just a chubby one?
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    How come the family (couple, grandma, etc) that you like, always survives the life ending earthquakes?

    The drunk, jerk, or just the idiot who everyone despises always seems to be the one to sacrifice their life for the sake of saving everyone else's, thus..having everyone end up adoring them.
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    In some murder movies, There's a house full of people Usually the typical 3 kids and wife and husband. Someone breaks in (making a loud crashing noise). And if that doesn't wake someone in the house up, the killer makes his way up the stairs and proceeds to shoot the wife and husband with a very loud gun. But miraculously, this noise does not wake up the kids or surrounding neighbors. Is everyone living in a neighborhood for the deaf?
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    Beautiful death syndrome wherein the lead actress has a terminal illness but still looks like she just walked out of Vogue on her deathbed, aka Ali Macgraw in Love Story and Julia Roberts in Dying Young, or Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.

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