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Thread: Movie mistakes: Can you catch them?

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    Movie mistakes: Can you catch them?

    Okay, this is going to be an interesting thread. Many movies out there have little glitches in them. From characters refering to each other by their actor name to hair changing length to things going in one direction when they should be going another. How good are you at catching movie mistakes? Here's one. In the movie "Grease" at the slumber party, every time the camera changes position, someone else is holding the wine. First Sandy, then Jan, then Sandy, then Jan.
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    I remember that Whoopie Goldberg movie "Jumping Jack Flash" - Whoopies charecter is in a telephone booth talking the phone to the police to say she is being followed. The person persuing her ties a cable around the phone booth and tows her away. But Whoopie continues talking on the telephone to the police who ask her to describe herself "Id be the only black woman being dragged down the street in a phone booth" Whoopie replies. Must have been one of those new-fangles "wireless" public telephone booths.

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    Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - when indy confronts the snake in that pit, you can see the reflection of the snake since there is a pane of glass between them. Also when Indy escapes the pit by pushing the heavy rock block, if you look at the shadow, you can see the block bounce once its falls to the ground.

    Pearl Harbour - Ok, I haven't seen this film but apparently during the start of the film, they show a building with a est. date on the front. Apparently the date is after WW2 ended.

    Twister - when the truck is racing to escape the tornado, Helen Hunts character looks back and they show you a single lane dirt road. When they do a frontal shot, you see behind her back a 2 lane bitumen road with a car behind it in the next lane.

    There are heaps more, but can't think of some at the moment.
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    Gladiator: a scene near the beginning with a guy wearing jeans.

    Little Houseon the Praire: In the classroom by a boy's desk was a Pepsi can

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    Star wars - cannot remember which film. Storm Trooper hits head on beam when walking.

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    The Secret Window with Johnny Depp

    When he's sitting in his attorney's office... they both keep hitting a punch time clock. Problem is, the button that's raised keeps switching sides, consistently! Charles Dutton hits the button on the right and the button on the left raises. They chat and then Johnny Depp goes to hit the button, which should be the one on the left... but it's the one on the right. So he hits it which then should again leave the one on the left to be raised... but when Charles Dutton hits it again... it's back to being the one on the right that's raised, and so on....

    It's quite blatant, but I havent seen it on any of the blooper sites.

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    I never usually catch them, but there is a pretty good site that has hundreds:
    I'll find things there and then go back and look for them in the movies.

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    Neat thread.

    I've actually caught a few on my own, but I can't remember what exactly they all were! I seem to remember some things not quite kosher in "The Truman Show" and "Darkman."

    Also, apparently when Sam and Frodo are in the field near the beginning of "The Fellowship of the Ring," a car drives by in the distance. However, I've watched this movie umpteen times, and have never seen it.

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    One of my favorites in the original American Pie was when a cup changed from blue to clear

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    In a scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry puts the cup on the table when Dobby tries to hit himself with it. When it flashes back to the table, the cup is no longer there.
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