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Thread: Movie mistakes: Can you catch them?

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    McMw, I'm confused. What are you talking about??
    Hurley: (holding up a Jesus statue) I don't know. I thought there might be a prowler or something.
    Mrs. Reyes: (grabbing the statue) Jesus Christ is not a weapon! - LOST "There's No Place Like Home Pt. 1

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    Remember? Jamie Curtis' character removed Lindsay's bedroom door as punishment. MCMw is saying that after that happened, the door was back in place even though it was supposed to still be gone.

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    In American Beauty, when Kevin Spacey is trying to seduce Annette Bening on the couch just before the whole "its just a COUCH" rant, he throws a pillow onto the chair and when they show the chair a second later, it's gone... Also, on American Beauty in a scene where Kevin Spacey is in his office cubicle you can see a small object (paperweight or something) that says "Look Closer" which just so happens to be the slogan for this brillaint film

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    During LOTR:TTT, when Pippin is about to be stampled to death by the horse, his hands are supposed to be tied together, but when the first shot of him laying on his back is shown, his hands are clearly not tied. When he rolls over, they are tied again.

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    In the Movie The Untouchables there is a scene with Sean Connery where he is wearing a blue shirt. He is standing by a window and when he looks at the camera one time it is buttoned all the way up the next shot it is unbuttoned.

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