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Thread: Saved - 05/28

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    Saved - 05/28

    From Hollywood.com
    Synopsis: "Good girl" Mary and her domineering best friend, Hilary Faye, are starting their senior year at the top of the social food chain at American Eagle Christian High School--that is until Mary's boyfriend tells her that he thinks he may be gay. When Jesus appears to her in a vision, she heeds his message to "do everything she can to help her boyfriend" and, to her horror, she ends up pregnant. Suddenly, Mary begins to question everything she's believed in, and Hilary Faye and her devoted "disciples" soon turn against her. As an outcast, Mary finds herself alone until she's befriended by the school's other pariahs: Hilary Faye's cynical wheelchair-bound brother, Roland; the principal's skater heart-throb son, Patrick; and the high school's lone Jew, an exuberant rebel named Cassandra. The group of outsiders band together to navigate the treacherous halls of high school and make it to graduation--ultimately learning more about themselves, finding faith in unexpected places, and realizing what it truly means to be Saved!
    Rating: MPAA PG-13: for strong thematic issues involving sexual content, pregnancy, smoking and language.
    Runtime: 92 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Jena Malone -- Mary
    Macaulay Culkin -- Roland
    Mandy Moore -- Hilary Faye
    Heather Matarazzo -- Tia
    Patrick Fugit -- Patrick
    Eva Amurri -- Cassandra
    Mary-Louise Parker -- Lillian
    Martin Donovan -- Pastor Skip
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I want to see this, looks hilarious. I heard it's not so much about slamming Christianity or the born again version of it, but about intolerance. I don't think it's going to be a big hit though.

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    I snuck in to see this after viewing F-9/11. I enjoyed it. Attacks Christian fanaticism but in a very lighthearted way. Well, at least compared to Michael Moore's eternal damnation of the Bush presidency.

    Also, Mandy Moore >>>>>>> Hilary Duff.

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    i rented this today, i really liked it, i thought it was pretty funny

    and despite mandy moore being in it, it was good lol

    i mean it was really exaggerated with the born again thing like but i'm a cheerleader was with homosexuality, but i thought the overall message was good

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    I saw this movie when it was out at the theater. I found it very funny. I went to Catholic school growing up and although different from Christian schools there was a lot you can relate to and it was very funny.

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    OH!I'm going to buy the DVD ...

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    I just watched this yesterday. I thought it was really good. I'd watch it again.

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