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Thread: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeeJay
    We're going next weekend. Can't wait (especially since I have a huge crush on Alan Rickman ). I hate opening night crowds. I love the casting of Oldman as Sirius and David Thewlis as Remus Lupin as well. I am so stoked! I've read the book twice in the past two weeks to brush up.
    Boy, I sound kinda fanatical don't I?
    Yes, you do.

    Have you seen it yet? If yes, how was he?
    I also like the casting, and having seen Oldman in the trailer, I think he looks great for the role.
    Am seeing it this week... cannot wait..

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    I finally saw this movie and I'm glad I did. I didn't quite love the story itself, but I loved the WAY it was told compared to the first two movies. I get annoyed when fans fuss over unimportant details that were left out, though I never read this book so I may misjudge what some consider unimportant. The story seemed solid enough to me, though, so whatever was cut couldn't have mattered that much. There's an appeal to packing in as much of the beloved source material as you can, but I prefer a tighter story.

    I was so happy to see the Quidditch match cut as short of possible. I'll probably get lynched for attacking one of the series's sacred cows but it's a stupid, pointless game that was never entertaining to watch. I'm also glad there were no more meaningless forays into the forest. With the excess trimmed, everything on screen felt more important. Almost everything brought up in acts 1 and 2 played some part in act 3.

    The previous director Chris Columbus did an impressive job visualizing the Rowling's world, but beyond this he seemed to lack imagination. That's not a big problem when you're adapting Harry Potter, because the books already overflow with their own imagination. Still, they lacked some of the emotion and subtext I felt in the third movie. Cuaron seemed to use the fact that his actor's are aging faster than his characters to his advantage. Hormones are running under the surface in every scene. They expect to recast the stars after another film. It's a huge shame, because these kids are getting better and better with every movie. After Stone I hated them. Now I'm really hoping they'll find work after Goblet.

    One important point wasn't clear to me. How did Sirius get out of Azkaban in the first place?

    Grade: B, maybe B+
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    Quote Originally Posted by kchamber
    One important point wasn't clear to me. How did Sirius get out of Azkaban in the first place?

    Sirius was so thin that he was able to slip between the bars to his cell and escape. He escaped as Padfoot (in dog form) because it's harder for dementors to detect animals since their emotional make-up is less complex.
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