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Thread: looking for old movie?

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    looking for old movie?


    i am new here so forgive if i am posting this post at the wrong place.

    i am trying to track movie from i belive late 70's early 80's that i watched when i was kidd-i dont know the name of the movie but i can tell you that it was about bionic kidd lets say 10-14 years old that got he's super powers from special t-shirt with tiger head picture-and i remeber that the tiger use to glow. and with super powers he was extremly strong like (steve austine) so....if anyone remeber or can help me to get the name of this movie - that will be really great


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    I'm having a hard time to find it. There is a 1977 movie called Bionic Boy.

    Was this a movie or cartoon? Do know any of the actors in it?

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    This? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078200/ (Sammy's Super T-Shirt)
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    Quote Originally Posted by brusch
    This? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078200/ (Sammy's Super T-Shirt)
    And nothing can stop our Super Hero Sammy - well, not unless he sneezes and throws out his back - then the good people of Gotham will have to fend for themselves for 15 days while Sammy is on the DL (retro-active to May 16).

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    brusch you are the GREATEST;)

    thats it man..i am looking for the name for years and now thanks to you i have it i am trying to find more info - screenshots and maybe place to download samples from the movie so if you can guide me to site like that-that will be cool

    anyway-big thanks goes to BRUSCH!!!

    and thanks to you guys for the effort and the help-really apriciate it.


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