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Thread: The Rage In Placid Lake - 05/21

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    The Rage In Placid Lake - 05/21

    From Hollywood.com
    Synopsis: Precocious, bohemian teenager Placid Lake, finishes high school and decides to do the one thing that will annoy his new age parents the most--go straight! With a few weeks spent reading a library of self-help manuals, Placid has it all sorted out--and he has the haircut and the cheap suit to prove it. Can Placid Lake retire his rage in the pursuit of beige; embrace conformity and leap on the fast track to corporate success. Will his 'brainiac' friend Gemma be able to talk him out of this economic rationalist madness? And will poor Doug and Sylvia survive the ignominy of having a son with a burgeoning future in insurance? Never underestimate the evil of banality.
    Rating: MPAA NR
    Runtime: 89 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Rose Byrne -- Gemma
    Ben Lee -- Placid Lake
    Miranda Richardson -- Sylvia Lake
    Garry McDonald-- Doug Lake
    Chris Stollery -- Joel
    Nicholas Hammond -- Bill Taylor
    Francis McMahon -- Anton
    Saskia Smith -- Jane
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Oh, I thought this was a sequel to the movie 'Placid Lake' about the giant alligator

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