Synopsis: A love story about two imperfect teenagers who find perfect love. The film follows the story of two teenagers from different worlds--Mark Deloach and Dori Lawrence--as their lives quickly spiral out of control. The rebellious but privileged Mark delves into dangerous antics resulting in a nearly fatal drunk driving accident, and Dori Lawrence, a wild actress and singer slowly loses touch with reality as she suffers from schizophrenia. Forced to straighten out their lives, Mark is sent to join the Marines and Dori is admitted into a mental hospital. In the midst of life's chaos, Mark and Dori are drawn to each other, recognizing their mutual desperation for love and understanding. Despite pressure from both their friends and family to keep their distance, they maintain their bond. While they fail to fix what's broken in each of their lives, they find comfort in each other's faults and have faith that their unconditional love will eventually heal their deep seeded wounds.
Rating: Not available
Runtime: 96 mins.

Cast & Role

Rachael Leigh Cook -- Dori Lawrence
Jonathan Tucker -- Mark Deloach
Agnes Bruckner -- Sue Dubois
Carrie Fisher -- Mrs Dubois
Ed Begley Jr -- Father Concoff
Val Kilmer -- SDI Skeer
Joe Mantegna -- Mr Deloach
Diane Venora -- Mrs Hengen