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Thread: Love Me If You Dare - 05/19

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    Love Me If You Dare - 05/19

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: Julien is endlessley energetic and precociously brilliant, but unable to bear the heartbreak of his mother's impending death. Sohpie is wildly imaginative. mischievous and determined to be different, yet in search of someone to accept and love her. When they meet one another, everything changes. They begin what seems to be a child's momentary amusement. Soon, the game has become something far larger and thrilling than sad and dissapointing world around them.
    Rating: MPAA NR
    Runtime: 95 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Guillaume Canet Julien
    Marion Cotillard Sophie
    Thibault Verhaeghe Julien--Age 8
    Josephine Lebas Joly Sophie--Age 8
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    This is already shown here. It got some pretty good reviews.

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    I can vouch for that, I've watched it.

    Great movie. Not everyone might like it, but I think it will leave an impression on the people who have watched it. The ending makes you think, discuss about it. It's a fantastic movie. I'll wait till someone has watched it so we can discuss
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