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Thread: Shrek 2 - 05/19

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    I suprised my 6 yr old son by picking him up early from school with tickets to the movie. I got the biggest popcorn, drink and box of Junior Mints. Yes, we did ruin our dinner , but it was a worth every penny! Shrek 2 was alot of fun, with jokes for both kids and adults. Of course Puss in Boots stole the show, finally Antonio Banderas can act!

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    I loved the first Shrek. I wasn't so thrilled with Shrek 2. It was good but not as hysterical as the first. It's also a little short, 90 minutes or so.

    Antonio Banderas as PussNBoots was great. I swear the king is Regis Philbin's twin.

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    I didn't think Shrek 2 was as instantly funny as the original either, but I still really enjoyed it.

    I loved Puss In Boots too.

    The thong thing had the people in my theatre cracking up too Frost, and the catnip.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Saw it Saturday - and I loved it, just as much as the first movie.

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    I give it an A-.
    i didn't like how they threw in SO many elements and twist. It kind of threw off some audience in the theater.
    but i loved the graphics and the "old hollywood"

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    Loved Shrek 2... almost more than the first because the jokes were on popular culture, not on fairy tales.

    I think the main reason that people dont find Shrek 2 as hysterical is because the humor isnt a complete surprise the second time around.

    Also loved the references to Mission Impossible and The Fabulous Baker Boys. "Not the Gumdrop button!" from the first movie... and the little Pinocchio comments at the end.

    Cute cute cute... and my niece and nephews loved it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    The thong thing had the people in my theatre cracking up too Frost, and the catnip.
    I was cracking up too.

    cute cute cute too. Considering I didn't catch the first one, I found this exceptionally funny. And the spoofs was good.
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    saw it last night - very cute. Might have thought it was funnier if I'd been in a better mood and not tired.

    Loved the Mission Impossible bit. Puss n Boots was great! I'm a cat person and the sad eyes routine had me giggling every time.

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    We went to see this yesterday, and both of my boys (3 and 6 y.) sat completely quiet the whole time. They did hardly touch their popcorn, so they really loved the movie, and needed no extra entertainment. But maybe it is a boys movie, because we went with our friends and their kids (3 year old girl and 8 year old boy), the girl did not like it too much, but the boy loved it just like ours did. And remember to sit until the credits run, there are little surprises coming to screen after a few credits. (I liked that end surprise the most of the whole movie )
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I like the spoof on Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Glad" by Puss in Boots. It was funny. By overall, the movie was a bit normal for me.

    3/5 for me.

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