Breakin' All the Rules (2004)

Synopsis: After being unceremoniously dumped by his fiancée, Quincy Watson pens a "how to" book on breaking up and becomes a best-selling author on the subject. Not wanting his male friends to suffer the same fate, Quincy gives them advice on dumping their mates.

Genre(s): Romantic, Comedy Rating: MPAA PG-13: sexual material/humor and language Runtime: 85 mins. Theatrical Release: 05/14/2004

Cast & Role
Jamie Foxx - Quincy Watson
Morris Chestnut - Evan Fields
Gabrielle Union - Nikki Callas
Peter MacNicol - Philip Gascon
Jennifer Esposito - Rita Monroe
Bianca Lawson - Helen Sharp
Jill Ritchie - Amy

Crew & Credit
Daniel Taplitz - Director
Lisa Tornell - Producer