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Thread: Books you would like to see made into movies

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    Originally posted by Paulie
    Neat thread idea, FG!

    I'd like to see Ender's Game made into a movie.
    Me tooooooooooooo! I'm a huge Orson Scott Card fan (though I do like Speaker for the Dead better, EG would make a better movie).

    I would also like to see:

    The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy (but only if they don't crap it up like Circle of Friends)

    Dragon Flight by Anne McCaffrey--I've wanted to see this made into a movie since I was 8, but now the special effects are finally available to make this one well. But who could play Lessa?

    A good version of Mansfield Park--the BBC needs to do this. They appear to be the only ones who can stay true to Austen.

    I also would love to see a big Narnia production.
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    Hi, Olivia!
    Dark Tower by Stephen King!

    They could never do it justice, though.

    Oh, and during the last season of The Sopranos Meadow and Carmela Soprano kept discussing an Eloise movie they were dying to see.

    The g/f is a big fan of Eloise, and I actually turned to her and said, "Hey, are they making an Eloise flick?"

    I agree with the votes for Time Line and Chronicles of Narnia.

    I'd love to see The Watchmen, a comic book by Alan Moore, turned into a movie, but that's never going to happen.The Watchmen at Amazon.com
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    I think "Memoirs of a Geisha" would be a great movie. It would have a great storyline (obviously), beautiful scenery, beautiful costumes. I just think it could be fabulous. I think it would need to be a foreign film, with subtitles, in order to keep it authentic.

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    amna, I didn't know that! Did they do a good job? With the directors and technology now aka, Harry Potter/LOTR I would love to see it made!

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    There is an eloise movie coming out,, I saw a clip about it, I can't remember if it is TV or theatre, it looked really cute!

    I can't wait to see Time Line now! Wasn't the memoirs of a Geisha a tv movie?? not sure!

    I also like the books by vince flynn, they are political thrillers and his last one a few years ago was so prophetic sort of,, they masked as Uday Hussein and went in to try to kill sadamm and uday.. it was kind of strange.. but his first one is one of my favs its called Term Limits! Fantastic!

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    Originally posted by firegirl
    amna, I didn't know that! Did they do a good job? With the directors and technology now aka, Harry Potter/LOTR I would love to see it made!
    Firegirl, they did a pretty good job. It was done by the BBC.I would love to see a movie version as well. The Lion, The Witch & The wardrobe was one of my favorite books as a child & i just read it again last year.

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    The dragonbone chair series by tad williams

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    Just about any Dean Koontz book. So far he has had better luck than Stephen King. I found the movie The Stand (King) awful. Intensity and Phantoms (Koontz) to be pretty good.

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    I just finished PREY by Chrichton. The visuals I created in my mind I'd like to see on the big screen.

    As for some "junk" reading:
    Stuart Wood's book DEAD IN THE WATER I read as if it was a movie. Read it and tell me that the old lawyer shouldn't be played by Eddie Murphy.
    A German film company is trying to turn it into a movie I hear.

    Last I heard Madonna wanted the Gisha role.

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    I read two books by Wally Lamb a long time ago.

    She's come undone and
    I know this much is true.

    Those would be great movies!

    I read Dreamcatcher before the movie came out and then I saw the movie opening day. Talk about a disapointment, it was a horrible movie.

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