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Thread: Books you would like to see made into movies

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    i own "a little princess", fg. i'll watch again and look for those things! also, have you watched "the secret garden?" GREAT movie with british actors that play the roles to perfection!!

    fg, have you read Owen Meany before? i wanna know what you think of it!

    also, libra, i've not read the witch series by anne rice, though i've read the vampire chronicles, the sleeping beauty series, and all of her "stand alone-not in a series" books and love them! i'm going to have to pick up the witch series someday....

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    I'd love to see Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series made into movies. I love the books; I've never read anything like them before! I'm sure they'd make great movies.

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    Excellent choice. A Prayer for Owen Meany is my favorite book of all time... at least in non-fiction. Just a great story, even if told in long winded John Irving format.
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    anything written by Carl Hiasson would do. The movie Striptease followed the book very well.
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    I originally started this tread wishing that Timeline by Michael Chrichton would be a movie, and I saw a trailer for it tonight! I looked up the web site and it will be released Thanksgiving 2003!
    I am so excited and the cast looks great! I loved this book! If you haven't read it do so!

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    Hmmm, the two books I really want to see be made into movies are.

    Rule of the Bone by Russell Banks
    Sarah by J.T. Leroy (great book by a kid)

    I read "The Lovely Bones" and I thought it was way overrated (good yes, but not all that), but I know I am in the very small minority there.
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    I've always liked Tom Clancy novels, and they could make good action movies.

    A few of them have been made into movies, though, and they were pretty good - except for the last one, The Sum of All Fears. The movie was an absolutely horrible adaptation of the novel. Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan? Not credible.

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    The darkelf trilogy (R.A Salvatore), that would be a fun one.

    Also I'd like to see more up-to-date movie versions of my favorite Hemingway books like "For whom the bell tolls" & "The sun also rises" .... there are some old movies, but with today's technologies & movie makers I'm sure they could make movies that would do the books more justice.....

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    Chronicles of Narnia! Great choice Firegirl!
    Hmmm personally, any Discworld book by Terry Pratchett would make a good choice too.

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    Re: Books you would like to see made into movies

    Originally posted by firegirl
    and as Wayner and I discussed The Chronicles of Narnia!
    Firegirl, I don't know whether you know this or not, but in England, The Chronicles of Narnia were made into a mini-series about 12 years ago.

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