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Thread: New York Minute - 05/07

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    One reviewer I read had a good point about this, I thought. Normally, it wouldn't be too awfully creepy for almost-18 twin females to look and act sexy in a movie - a little, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time it's been done.

    The problem is, the Olsens still look like they're 12. And that's just "ew".

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    Mary Kate and Ashley still very much appeal to young pre-teens and tweens.
    They may well want to broaden their appeal and attract guys, but the guys won't be buying their cloting orcosmetics, which nets them millions in profits every year.

    The twin thing is their "gimmick" and it's worked well for them for years.
    They might be able to go it along, but I doubt it at this point.
    They need to hope someone like Woody Allen or Tarantino, who like to use the same actors over and over again, wants to cast either one or both of them in his movies if they hope to cut it in the acting world as adults.

    I agree with John, they do still look very young.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I saw this last night because Mean Girls was sold out-- It was okay... I didn't really notice that it was aimed towards the male demographic. One was in a bath robe and the other had her towel wrapped aroudn her. The acting by their supporting characters wasn't good and the whole "computer chip" storyline was a little... off? It just was kind of stupid. I say, if you like MK+A, go see it, but otherwise rent it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    The problem is, the Olsens still look like they're 12.
    Well, you're definitely right about that!

    This website seems relevant:

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