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Thread: A certain movie...

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    I can't really tell you why it was so moving or I'll spoil the ending for those of you that haven't seen it. No Man's Land makes a powerful statement about people in war.

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    City of God...really good movie and recent favorite. It was so good I wanted to watch another movie right after.

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    the movie "the pianist" - very powerful movie. IT hasn't directly affected me, but it's shown me how bad it was then. I mean i've seen many war movies but this one was definitely very powerful.

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    Having grown up during the 60s, I had a clue as to what was happening to American culture, but the movie "Hair" gave me a new perspective on that era. And the same for "The Graduate". Both movies are basically filmed in the same era, but from opposite points of view.

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    Schindler's List (I cried so hard when the real survivors left their rocks on the headstones at the end)

    Life is Beautiful (in Italian with subtitles)

    Dad (jack lemmon, ted danson, ethan hawke)

    All affected me deeply. I will never watch either of them ever again.
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    That's a few for me.

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    I left the theater in tears after watching Life is Beautiful and couldn't talk about it without tearing up afterwards.Deeply moving movie.

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    For some reason a little known movie called "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" has always struck a chord.

    And Platoon....the scene where the guy is running thru the field with the enemy troops chasing him while he is trying to get to the chopper....and then collapsing with his arms outstretched as he gets shot and the guy who betrayed him just watching him die from the safety of the escaping chopper. That image has stayed with me for years.

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    Schindler's List (I watched it for a world history project this year.)

    The Lord of the Rings movies (Hey, hey! Don't hate...)

    The Lion King (The first movie I saw as a kid where a character died...I still cannot watch that scene without getting choked up.)

    The Passion of the Christ (I cried through the majority of that movie, sobbing, trying not to make too much noise so I didn't disturb the others around me, used up a gazillion tissues, couldn't move afterwards...as a cradle-Catholic, that was like "whoa.")

    Forrest Gump (First movie I ever saw with a person who was handicapped in some way, and it made me learn never to mistreat handicapped people.)

    Singin in the Rain (Oh wow. I love this movie so much. I don't really know what to say about it...)

    Casablanca (The first movie that was made before 1970 that I ever saw. Gave me a very strong urge to run out and watch other classics like "Gone With the Wind.")

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    Philadelphia. I caught it one night on TV and I sobbed afterward. I had just found out earlier that day that my roommate is HIV+, so it really really hit home.

    The Hours. At the end of the movie, I think my eyes were bugged out or I hadn't blinked the entire time, because my eyes were burning at the end. I didn't move until the credits finished rolling.. not that I was reading them. It was just a very powerful movie.

    Summer of '42. I dunno why.. it's really not that good of a movie.. but something about it resonated with me when I saw it. The music from that movie still gets me. It's very sad.

    Boys Don't Cry. Another very powerful movie. I knew the whole story long before I saw the movie, but it was so well done, and the end.. it's hard to watch.

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