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Thread: The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) - 12/20

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    The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) - 12/20

    The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002)

    Synopsis: The adventures of the Thornberrys, a family of filmmakers who travel around the world documenting the wild kingdom. Twelve-year-old Eliza is now in Africa where she meets a mysterious shaman who grants her the power to talk to animals. But there's one catch--if she reveals her gift she will lose it forever. One day, Eliza discovers that poachers, in Africa's Serengeti Desert, plan to kill an elephant herd with an electrified fence. And so, Eliza sets out with Darwin, her pet chimp, to devisee a plan to stop them.

    Adaptation: Animated, Family
    Rating: MPAA G
    Runtime: Not available

    Cast & Role
    Lacey Chabert -- Voice of Eliza
    Tom Kane -- Voice of Darwin
    Rupert Everett -- Voice of Sloan Blackburn
    Lynn Redgrave -- Voice of Cordelia
    Marisa Tomei -- Voice of Bree Blackburn
    Brenda Blethyn -- Voice of Mrs Fairgood
    Alfre Woodard -- Voice of Akela
    Jodi Carlisle -- Voice of Marian

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    Wow, now we know "whatever happened to Lacey Chabert"...

    Other than that, impressive cast for a kid's cartoon not produced by Pixar or SKG.

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    Seems like a cartoon episode to me!!!

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