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Thread: Connie and Carla - 04/16/04

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    Connie and Carla - 04/16/04

    Connie and Carla (2004)

    Synopsis: Connie and Carla are two small-town 'girls' whose dreams of stardom have taken them nowhere. From their debut in a school cafeteria to their current gig slinging drinks and belting out tunes at a Midwestern airport lounge, the singing and dancing duo simply refuse to let the less-than-enthusiastic crowd response dampen their showbiz drive. For Connie and Carla, everything's coming up roses, naysaying boyfriends and snoring audience members notwithstanding. The girls lose one of their few supporters when their boss Frank ends up on the wrong end of a criminal deal--a scene they unfortunately happen to witness. Quicker than a fast change in the second act, Connie and Carla pack up their battered dreams and extensive assortment of wigs and costumes and hit the road, running for their lives. Convinced the killers will never look for them in a place utterly devoid of culture, the pair ends up in the Land of Dreamers, Los Angeles. In a new place with new identities, they create a cover (with a lot of cover-up) that makes them the toast of the town--headlining in a local drag club, they soon find the acclaim that has always eluded them, singing the show tunes they've always loved. Being famous is their dream come true--who cares if includes a tiny little lie? But trying to keep their secret turns out to be a real drag, especially when Connie meets Jeff, a real nice guy with whom she'd really like to be a real girl.

    Genre(s): Comedy Rating: Not available Runtime: Not available Theatrical Release: 04/16/2004

    Cast & Role
    Nia Vardalos - Connie
    Toni Collette - Carla
    David Duchovny - Jeff
    Stephen Spinella - Robert/Peaches
    Alec Mapa - Lee/N'Cream
    Chris Logan - Brian/Brianna
    Robert Kaiser - Paul
    Ian Gomez - Stanley

    Crew & Credit
    Michael Lembeck - Director Roger Birnbaum - Producer

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    I've seen the previews and it seems like a fun movie to watch. Something light to compliment some of the somber news we see about the war on TV.

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    Very rarely do I actually go to the theater to see movies, but this one got me totally suckered into it. To start I like Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette both, so that was an automatic draw for me, plus all the camp cheese factor that it had. It was a great mix of extremely funny and cheesy along with a bit of touching mixed in. Big thumbs up from me, even if it is sort of a girl's night out type of movie.

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