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Thread: Shaolin Soccer- 04/02

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    lalol - In the US VCDs really never took off, I usually make SVCDs out of most of the shows I watch, better resolution, but not quite DVD resolution.
    Most of the R3 DVDs that I have, I can buy for $10 and under, including Battle Royale.

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    Well DVD for Shaolin soccer would be just $2 US anyways

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    It never played anywhere near here. UHG!

    Anyone know when it makes it's dvd debut? I've been dying to see it since it was mentioned on Best Week Ever.

    Yeah, it's nice to have a daughter who likes all those VH1 shows... I get to watch, but blame it on her
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    I bought this as a VCD on a holiday to Hong Kong back in 2001.

    The movie is an absolute pisser. (ie, very very funny).
    I'm stunned Miramax has thought to edit it! Stick on subtitles, or if you must dub it, and release it unto the nation.
    If you go into a movie with a Kung Fu title and full of Chinese people, then you've got to expect Chinese references, Chinese Humour. It doesn't need to be watered to the lowest common western denominator. From the people I've shown it to, Westeners have no trouble with the movie's humour.

    If they cut out the "Evil American Drugs" I'll be very disappointed.

    A Video game really needs to be made of it.

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