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Thread: Movies so bad you left the theatre...

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    I have never walked out of a movie either. I know what kinds of movies I like and just do not go to those that are not my style. I don't expect to learn anything from a movie or DVD. I just want to be entertained for a couple of hours.

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    Walked out of the theater: Kingpin (bowling movie with that guy I can't stand), Eyes Wide Shut.

    I rented the Mothman Prophesies one night when I was staying at my parents'. It was so bad, but dad and i couldn't stop watching... we had to know how they were going to end it.... I wish I didn't watch the end though. Bridges are panic spots for me as it is.... I didn't need to see my nightmare come to Technicolor.

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    A friend recommended we rent "American Movie" and it was rednecks with mullets trying to make a horror movie - we kept waiting for something to be funny - horrid - didn't stay on long.

    Another one that got turned off was Cabin Fever. It was NASTY and STUPID, so why bother.

    I think the only time I walked out of a theater was "Heat". I hate action movies. I did fall asleep in Men in Black and Captain Ron (I was 11 - it looked good at the time).
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