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Thread: Movies so bad you left the theatre...

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    Nov 2003
    ok the only movie i have walked out on was ET

    i was 3 and i got scared/sad when ET got sick and turned white...my mom had to take me out of the theatre...it was my first movie too

    i love ET

    movies i wish i had walked out on but i don't because i hope they get better/already paid for it

    -blair witch
    -ready to wear(i saw it when i was grade 9 lol)
    -starship troopers(the people in front of us did walk out of it, the girls got disguisted, the guys loved it)

    one movie i got real bored with but didn't think it was awful movie was in the bedroom

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    Jun 2003
    Border - I'm a film person, my professor's in school said it was their goal to make us hate American Hollywood cinema, to some extent - they succeeded. But I one of my favorite professors was James Schamus, and look at the stuff he made - Crouching Tiger, Hulk, Ride With the Devil, Sense and Sensibility - more thoughtful/arty fare, which I'll admit, I enjoy better than explosions tricks and no story (and I just don't get 'modern nicholson' can't stand him, love chinatown, Cuckoo's but recently? He comes across as one step away from a flasher, just seeking attention.

    The ET story reminded me - when I was very young I was taken to a double feature of Karate Kid and Gremlins, we ran out of Gremlins, even my father was jumping out of his seat on that one. I have seen the film more than one time since, but when you're 5 or so, not a good film.

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    Moon Skin Child
    Quote Originally Posted by Burntcrow

    I rented this dumb Jamie Kennedy movie and could not stand to watch the entire thing..I think it was Malibu's most wanted :rolleyes
    I watched that movie last night and I loved it! It was so stupid that it was funny. I liked that they were making fun of things...

    Anyway, I walked out of the theater for Analyze That. The second most GOD AWFUL movie ever. I hated it.

    (In first place comes Monkeybone, a terrible, shoddy film that makes Evolution look like a four star film. And that movie was the third worst movie ever.)

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    I have never walked out on a movie, but I wish I hadn't wasted $8 to see America's Sweetheart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glitternerfball
    The ET story reminded me - when I was very young I was taken to a double feature of Karate Kid and Gremlins, we ran out of Gremlins, even my father was jumping out of his seat on that one. I have seen the film more than one time since, but when you're 5 or so, not a good film.
    I took my son and little brother to see Gremlins when they were six and five. I thought it was a family movie! In retrospect we probably should've left but they seemed like they were enjoying it. It gave my son nightmares for months and he still, at 26, teases me about being an abusive mother for forcing them to watch it!

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    I absolutely hated "Along Came Polly".. thought it was just so incredibly boring. I kept waiting for it to get better, funnier, anything. Nope.
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    I wish I could walked out from Alien VS Predator, just a boring movie..too bad my boyfriend made me watch it

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    I've never left a movie before it was finished, but two really BAD movies I kind of wished I'd left were Hardware and Desperate Hours. They stand out in my head as the worst movies I've ever sat through in a theatre.
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    I'm too cheap to walk out of a movie theatre, I don't care how bad the movie is. At home, if it's bad, I just curl up with my blanky and go to sleep. The last one was some crappy action flick with Val Kilmer, I can't even remember what it was called. And Along Came Polly saw me surfing online after maybe two minutes I didn't even want to be in the same room with it.
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    This is interesting: I walked out on Pet Cemetary when it was in the theater. I thought it was so stupid and I love Stephan King. But when I saw it on video it was much better. I fell asleep during Local Heros. I was about 10 at the time and it was so boring. One movie I turned off in the middle of was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. As much as I absolutely love Johnny Depp, this was a horrible movie. But Pet Cemetary was the only one I've ever actually walked out on.
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