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Thread: Dawn of the Dead - 03/19/04

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    Original good remake not good.

    I agreed with you Weston it's look just like 28 Days Later Zombies than the original ones and those ones are much scarier. I think the orignial Dawn is way better than this one. I have read in one the original Dawn website that they changed some parts of the original mall the real mall but still scary. I always wanted to go there.

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    Fun movie!


    Click to see Spoiler:
    The husband chasing the car at the beginning then getting "distracted" mid-stride was the highlight for me!

    I thought most if not all the character's actions were plausible and that made it all the more entertaining to watch, as it made me think "would I do this" or "would I do that" as the movie went on.
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    I just watched this today and I did not enjoy it at all It could be that I don't watch a lot of horror movies(and so don't get it), but it seems to be excessively violent and senseless/mindless Not to mention disturbing... ok I'm a wimp :rolleyes I was quite disturbed by the first biting... but eventually became numb to it over the next 2 hours.
    Why was the origin of the virus not explained? Like wolf, I'd like to see movies end with a little hope... maybe finding a cure? But nah... I'm sure that would have defeated the whole purpose of the movie

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    It wasn't necessarily a virus. I don't think it ever explained what caused it. Sometimes that makes it more frightening. The original Romero films didn't explain it either, except a brief remark in Night that radiation from a crashed satellite might be responsible. (In the sixties that was the most common explanation for anything unnatural)
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