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Thread: Catch Me If You Can - Released 12/25

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    You know, this is based on a true story as well.
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    The previews looked pretty good. DiCaprio had been pretty quiet. Now he's got this movie coming, and also he's coming out with another movie "Gangs of New York". He's been busy.

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    Catch Me if You Can looks good.

    Gangs of New York? Not so much
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    I'm hopelessly behind the times when it comes to seeing movies, even video.

    I recently watched this and was surprised, as I expected a remake of "The Great Imposter", or whatever the movie was that Tony Curtis did back in the '60's.

    DiCaprio doesn't do much for me, I don't believe I've seen him in any other movie than "Titanic", but he did a good job here for the most part. His character was just a bit more complicated than I expected as the film went along, I thought a couple of his dads traditional comments pretty much steered his course, whether it was the one he would have chosen for himself or not.

    I'm happy enough that he settled down into his assigned rut after being nabbed, though I expected him to go on the lam when the opportunity presented itself.

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