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Thread: Return of the King sweeps the Oscars

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    Big Blue - Tayshaun! superfly's Avatar
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    Return of the King sweeps the Oscars

    11 for 11

    Art Direction: ROTK
    Cinematography: Master and Commander
    Costume Design: ROTK
    Editing: ROTK
    Sound: ROTK
    Sound Editing: Master and Commander
    Visual Effects: ROTK
    Makeup: ROTK
    Score: ROTK
    Song: ROTK
    Animated Feature: Finding Nemo
    Animated Short: Harvey Krumpet
    Documentary Feature: The Fog of War
    Documentary Short: Chernobyl Heart
    Live Action Short: Two Soldiers
    Foreign Language Film: The Barbarian Invasions
    Original Screenplay: Lost in Translation
    Adapted Screenplay: ROTK
    Best Supporting Actor: Tim Robbins, Mystic River
    Best Supporting Actress: Renee Zellweger, Cold Mountain
    Actress: Charlize Theron, Monster
    Actor: Sean Penn, Mystic River
    Director: Peter Jackson, ROTK
    Picture: ROTK

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    It's sensei time! Masai & Pygmie's Avatar
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    a Zen-filled world
    I swear I was watching the Antipoedes Film Awards!
    "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." -- Henry David Thoreau

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    Are these spots becoming? chompstick's Avatar
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    Thanks for the full list. I feel asleep.
    I support the right to arm bears.

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    Foreign Language Film: The Barbarian Invasions
    Animated Feature: Finding Nemo

    I didn't get a chance to see it, thanks superfly.

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    Superfly, thants for the list.

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    Clean sweep yes, but would have been great if those oscars statues (sp?)
    got spread around a bit.....

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    Yes, I like to see happiness spread around too. The Oscar seems to really boost a career.

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    I think this is the first Fantasy movie, that has ever received Best Picture, and it's about time. Usually the Academy ignores comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy, for some long tortuous drama about someone having to overcome some huge hurdle ( A Beautiful Mind ). Return of The King will be remembered years and years from now, and this time the Academy got it right. I was so glad Sean Penn, also got Best Actor, Bill Murray was good, but no comparison, with the depth and range Sean Penn displayed in Mystic River. The only sad note for me on the Oscars this year, is that Dianne Keaton did not win. Charlize was great, but if I ever wanted a tie aka Hepburn/Streisand it was this year, they were both deserving. Best moment for me, was when Canada won best foreign film, for The Barbarian Invasions, we haven't won before, and this is a truly great movie.
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    I am a HUGE Ringnut and am very happy that Peter Jackson and Co got the recognition they deserved for their extremely hard work.

    But I feel bad that other movies had to go up against it that really deserved an award for their effects and makeup.

    Namely, Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Would have been nice to see Pirates... pick up just one award last night.....
    If I'd been a ranch, they would have named me The Bar None~~ Gilda

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    Big congratulations to Return of the King. They deserve it. All the hobbits sitting next to each other. It was so cute. Billy was a doll. Dom was sexy, naturally.

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